Landscape Materials that Every Ulster County, NY, Landscape Needs This Summer

When it comes to keeping any landscape looking its best, quality is key. Materials of a sub-standard quality will buckle beneath environmental stressors over time, resulting in a dilapidated landscape that may even have cost a small fortune to construct. Your selection of materials is very important for another reason: certain materials pair best particular aesthetic themes. Selecting materials that don’t suit the desired landscape aesthetic can leave some features appearing out of place. Here are a few of the most reliable landscape materials available in Ulster County, NY, and where and how you can use them to improve your design: 

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are widely utilized and acclaimed for two main reasons: they are incredibly durable and unbelievably versatile. 

Concrete pavers bear unparalleled compressive strength, while some manufacturers go the extra mile to imbue their pavers with additional reinforcement. They are unlikely to crack and are, therefore, compatible with parts of a landscape that are subjected to heavy loads and receive frequent foot traffic. Driveways, walkways and poolsides can all be paved using concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are also often treated to withstand the damaging effects of water and chemicals, making them well-suited to poolside applications. 

Concrete pavers are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are modified to display countless combinations of colors and textures. With such a vast array of concrete pavers out there, finding the perfect candidate for your driveway or poolside is easier than ever. Concrete pavers can even replicate the shades and textures of other materials, such as brick and natural stone. 

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Concrete wall units

Concrete wall units come with all the virtues that concrete pavers offer - they are manufactured in an endless variety of shapes, shades and textures, and are fantastically durable. These units can be entrusted to keep a fire pit, water feature, grill island or retaining wall standing, despite decades of sun, wind, or cold exposure. Their aesthetic versatility ensures that you’ll find a selection of wall units that complement hardscape project. Opt for concrete wall units that mimic the timeless romanticism of stacked flagstone for an al fresco dining area, or construct a modern, geometric fire pit using sleek units with clean edges and a neutral color palette. Historic homes that have retained their beautiful old architecture can be accented by classic, antiqued wall units that seem to be centuries old. 

Natural stone pavers

Landscape Materials that Every Ulster County, NY, Landscape Needs This Summer

Natural stone pavers are cut from a wide range of quarried and collected stones, including sandstone, limestone, fieldstone and flagstone. Each type of stone has a unique character, making them easily distinguishable from another. Natural stone pavers, therefore, offer a widely versatile array of products that are excellent candidates for virtually any outdoor room, including patios and outdoor kitchens. Their effortless elegance and rich, detailed surfaces can accentuate a variety of aesthetic themes and add great value to any property. Due to their unique nature, a stone hardscape design is impossible to replicate and guarantees you a one-of-a-kind backyard design. Consider sandstone pavers for a poolside that radiates a cheerful, tropical look and feel. Limestone, on the other hand, can be obtained in powerful dark grays that effortlessly accentuate modern hardscapes. 

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