Four Innovative Ideas to Style a Bluestone Patio in Hudson Valley, NY

A patio is like a blank slate that’s ready to be molded into your dream outdoor space. All that’s required is your personal touch and a little imagination. The first step is to start with a good patio surface. Bluestone is both durable and weather resistant and comes in a variety of attractive shades. Bluestone can be cut into uniform pavers or broken into naturally shaped pieces, making it an ideal choice for any style landscape. Try some of these ideas to style your Hudson Valley, NY patio project for a beautiful outdoor space.

Rustic Retreat

 Four Innovative Ideas to Style a Bluestone Patio in Hudson Valley, NY

Bluestone lends itself well to a rustic-themed landscape. To create a country retreat in a Hudson Valley backyard, enhance the bluestone patio with a striking wood-burning fireplace. Wood accents, such as side tables and stools, will help complete the look. For a covered patio, wood beams and a wooden ceiling will create a country cabin feel.
Wrought iron outdoor lighting will help create the right ambiance for nights outside by the fire. Add oversized comfortable chairs and thick textiles to create a cozy, rustic space. 

Oceanside Escape

The blue tones of a bluestone patio are the perfect backdrop for a Hamptons style patio that will evoke a breezy, beachside feel. A good beachside retreat should provide an escape from the sun’s hot rays. Create shade and help define the outdoor space with a pergola or cabana. Add extra shaded areas with oversized patio umbrellas.

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Keep it light with a neutral color palette of beige and white, with bright blue accent colors. Use navy blue accents for a nautical theme or opt for teal blue touches for an oceanside feel. Include flowing, white curtains that can be drawn for privacy, for a true beach hut experience.  Teak furniture and crisp textiles are the perfect seating options for an oceanside escape.   

Old-World Charm

If you aim to elicit images of sun-drenched afternoons, sipping wine while overlooking the vineyards in Tuscany with your patio design, an Italian style patio is the way to go. Select bluestone with natural, earthy tones and add a pergola to allow hanging vines to grow and spread. A patio draped in greenery will provide shade and create luxurious privacy. Grape vines and climbing jasmine will give the patio an Italian feel.  

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With a covered patio, hanging pendant lights will add atmosphere while allowing occupants to enjoy the space at night. Include bistro style furniture with wrought iron chairs and stone-topped tables for authentic Italian style. Add a potted lemon tree that’s easy to move indoors in cooler weather.

Modern Oasis

For a backyard that rivals the poshest resorts, employ a minimalistic style with clean lines and modern touches. A smooth, clean-cut bluestone patio in grey tones with low color variations will best-suit a modern patio.  
Hardscaping often takes centerstage in a modern patio. Masonry elements such as raised planters, built-in seating and modern fire features will help turn the patio into a functional outdoor space. For a real resort-like feel add a luxurious hot tub to the patio area.