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Welcome to E.P. Jansens

E. P. Jansen Nursery began with an inspired vision only a family-run company can design. After purchasing her father's home and five acres of land in 1972, Elizabeth and Jan Jansen transformed the land into a community-focused, pick-your-own-strawberries, gladiolus, and chrysanthemum farm. Over ten-thousand chrysanthemums grew throughout the five acres during those early years. But as Jan and Elizabeth adapted and grew their vision, they also began to look ahead, expanding their business plan by breaking up their expansive flower offerings into separate products, and thus allowing the growth of an extensive, diverse nursery.

After years of experience with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, Jan decided to leave his position in 1985 and solely focus his knowledge and experience on the growth of serving the community's landscaping supply needs. With both Elizabeth and Jan's undivided energies, the farm only continued to grow from here on out, eventually expanding to over 71 contiguous acres.

As their team continued to develop, adding both Scott and Ben Jansen's expertise, E. P. Nursery looked to further ventures. answering their clients needs for hardscape and stone supplies. Over nine additional acres now supported the growing stone and hardscape yard. Each decade, the company has only continued to flourish.  Continued improvements, including the reorganization of trees and hardscape storage, as well as a state-of-the-art spaghetti drip irrigation system, was added to support the dynamic farm and nursery.

After over 45 years, this family-focused company has grown to become the premier hardscape and plant supplier in the region. The sprawling farm now offers high-quality nursery stock curated from around the world as well as a comprehensive selection of natural stone, wall systems, pavers, blue stone, granite, and a wide variety of tools and bulk support materials.


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