Ideal Waterproof Paving Stones for Pool Decks in Rockland County, NY

For a pool deck to remain safe, attractive and sturdy, year after year, the pavers used in its construction will need to possess certain qualities. These qualities include a low porosity, stain resistance and general structural strength. In addition, the pavers should be non-slip to help avoid poolside accidents. Here are a few excellent Unilock pavers that will revitalize a pool deck and endure the chemical and mechanical pressures that poolside surrounds should be able to resist in Rockland County, NY. 

Richcliff pavers

Richcliff pavers bear a timeless elegance due to their flawless resemblance to natural stone. These sophisticated, large-format pavers will effectively transform your poolside into a tranquil getaway. The cool Dawn Mist color variation, for example, exists in gentle harmony beside the deep blue hues of a pool. Richcliff pavers feature low porosity and are equipped with Ultima Technology - a Unilock proprietary manufacturing process that grants the pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete. 

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Umbriano pavers

Ideal Waterproof Paving Stones for Pool Decks in Rockland County

This paver is perfect for bringing chic contemporary hardscape designs to life. These sleek, geometric pavers pair perfectly with long, narrow lap pools and understated furniture arrangements. The icy Winter Marvel color variation is light and subdued, and can be brilliantly contrasted by darker, bolder colors like those of a deep green lawn or a selection of darker accent pavers. The Autumn Sunset color option, on the other hand, provides sunny warmth. The innovative technology utilized to create the surfaces of Umbriano pavers grants each paver the look and character of authentic natural granite. Consider these luxurious pavers for creating a resort-like poolside.

Thornbury pavers

Thornbury pavers have a rough flagstone-like surface texture that is perfectly suited to poolsides. Consider the rich, earthy Sierra color variation for a warm, inviting poolside. The deep brown hues of these pavers and the cool blue hues of a nearby pool create a striking contrast that allows both sides of the color spectrum to appear fuller and more vibrant. Consider lining your Thornbury pool with wholesome wicker recliners and install a cozy fire pit nearby to complement a traditional homely hardscape. This design is made even more consistent by a rounded pool that is built to resemble a natural pond. 

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Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers

Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are excellent candidates for homeowners looking to create a tropical getaway. These textured pavers resemble natural flagstone and are available in a range of rich, organic shades that pair perfectly with clear, blue water. Any surrounding greenery is also complemented by the natural look and feel of these pavers. 

Brussels Block pavers

Brussels Block pavers are absolutely classic, with gentle antiqued surfaces that add a sophisticated, historic touch to any hardscape. They contain both rustic and modern elements that make them well-suited to a variety of hardscape designs. They are especially handy for occupying space in hardscapes where homeowners haven’t decided on a clear aesthetic theme. They can also be used to create understated surfaces that allow other, deliberately placed focal points to draw as much attention as possible. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.