What are the Most Desirable Natural Stone Colors in Bergen County, NJ?

Color plays a vital role in defining the style of an outdoor space, especially when it comes to natural stone. Many Bergen County, NJ, homeowners and landscape contractors have difficulty deciding on which colors to use for their project, so based on our experience, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most desirable natural stone colors to inspire your next outdoor project:

Earthy and Beige Colors 

It’s important to note that natural stone pieces seldom contain only one color. Very often the stone is made up of a number of predominant overtones and subtle undertones. Beige and earthy colors are staple colors of most landscape designs, so natural stone containing these shades are generally widely compatible. These colors can be incorporated into a design with the use of brown granite, flagstone, sandstone and limestone, among other natural stone variations. As a rule of thumb, warm colors, such as browns and reds create a cozy, warm ambience, as opposed to cool colors (greens and blues), that are perfect for minimalist outdoor spaces with formal, often spacious appearances. Beige and classic white palettes provide strong contrast against colors such as red or tan, and work well for buildings with modern, monochrome aesthetics. 

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Earthy tones provide a rich, saturated appearance that will complement the surrounding greenery. These stunning colors appear grounded in nature, and offer a refined palette that can be commonly seen in the context of more traditional scenery. Earthy colors have an amazing effect when blended with the presence of limestone's casual, creamy colors. To upscale your cottage-themed design, pair creamy shades with brick-like pavers for a striking effect. One of the best things about earthy colors is that they can be implemented in virtually any outdoor design project and match a vast number of styles. 


What are the Most Desirable Natural Stone Colors in Bergen County, NJ?

The combination of grey and buff colors, with a variety of tones in between, is a go-to for any landscape design needing a touch of sophistication. Grey granite impresses with its dramatic appearance and suits contemporary kitchens and patios. Grey is also present in almost every natural stone variation, so the color scheme is easy to achieve and implement.  

Cool Blue and Green Undertones

Typically present in bluestone, slate blue and its variations blend perfectly with dramatic skies and water features. For this color option, there are typically three color categories, perfect blue, earthy brown with green or blue undertones, and grey with green or blue undertones. Each offers its own, unique beauty, making it difficult to decide between these variations. 

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Green and blue undertones can be used to highlight the most prominent areas of a landscape, reflecting the green of the softscape. These colors perfectly complement flowers and shrubbery, and can be used instead of white or gray structures for a more memorable appearance. These tones are found mainly in bluestone, which also offers shades of deep browns and golds. Because of their cool visual effect, blue and green undertones are invigorating and fresh, and are often used as the foundation of formal, or traditional landscape themes.