Visit Our Masonry Supply for Quality Fire Pit Materials in Sussex County, NJ

A fire pit is an excellent way to energize a property, inviting guests to gather around its soft warmth. The resulting ambience can be enhanced by surrounding softscapes and exploiting a stretch of the open night sky. E.P. Jansen Nursery L.L.C’s selection of concrete wall units and natural stone pieces are an excellent starting point in the construction of the perfect fire pit in Sussex County, NJ.  

Natural stone

Visit Our Masonry Supply for Quality Fire Pit Materials in Sussex County, NJ

Natural stone is renowned for its innate sense of sophistication and luxurious appearance. There are many different types of stone, and each variation can be acquired in its own range of shades and textures. Individual stones can vary greatly depending on where they are collected or quarried and the specific minerals they contain. This enables homeowners and contractors to find the right selection of stone for their specific project, and enhance the uniqueness of a particular stone structure. Natural stone is also valued for its longevity and low maintenance requirements. This natural material is primed to withstand environmental stress and requires little human intervention to remain in good shape. 

Consider constructing a low fire pit from large, unrefined units of natural stone. This can foster a casual, campfire-like look and feel, especially when accented by a low stone wall that serves as a seat wall. Surrounding the area in plenty of plant life can make it feel completely remote and allow it to function as the perfect escape. Consider adorning the seat wall with cushions to avoid compromising comfort for rustic appeal. These accent cushions can serve to break the large expanse of textured stone with a range of other textures, and bring cheerful pops of color to the design’s natural color palette. 

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Concrete pavers and retaining wall materials

One advantage of opting for concrete pavers and wall units is the sheer variety at your disposal. Concrete pavers are manufactured in a near-endless array of designs, showcasing various shades, textures, shapes and sizes. This enables any homeowner to create the perfect fire pit for their particular landscape. While certain varieties of natural stone are, unfortunately, not suitable for the construction of load-bearing structures or areas exposed to intense heat, concrete wall units can be made to mimic natural stone and substitute those varieties with all the compressive strength of concrete. In addition to great structural strength, concrete also bears a resistance to the effects of UV light, freeze-thaw cycles and water damage.  

E.P. Jansen Nursery L.L.C’s selection of concrete pavers and wall units include Unilock products like the Brussels Dimensional System. These wall units can be obtained in a range of shades, including the light Sandstone and rich Sierra variations. These wall units are also available in different sizes, which facilitate the construction of complex structures that incorporate curves and terraces. Many homeowners opt for these wall units on account of their artificially weathered surfaces that grant them a stunning, antiqued look and feel. Rivercrest Wall is a similarly rugged concrete option for fire pits and utilizes Reala Surface Technology to emulate the look and feel of stacked flagstone. Its convincing surface textures are cast from real natural stone. Unilock offers various interesting concrete materials that would complement fire pits constructed using these materials, including Thornbury and Richcliff pavers. 

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Image courtesy of Unilock.