NY Contractors: Try these Natural Paving Stones from Unilock

As well as high quality concrete pavers, Unilock offers an impressive range of ethically sourced natural stone products that uphold the company's strict standards of excellence. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is covered by the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee, each stone being precisely cut and treated to ensure maximum durability and longevity of color. These products are also available in a wide range of paver sizes, coping units, step blocks and pillar caps, ensuring that they can be used for a number of outdoor applications.

If providing your clients with quality and long term satisfaction is your goal, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is certainly a line worthy of investigation. Let’s take a look at some of the many options available in Rockland County, NY, that can be used to add value to your hardscape projects:


Sandstone - Autumn Harvest

Rockland County, NY Contractors, Try these Natural Paving Stones from Unilock

Autumn Harvest Sandstone from Unilock is reminiscent of the golden sand of sun-kissed beaches and will lend a sunny disposition to any patio, walkway or poolside surround. The rich, dune-like textures and sand-sized grain of this natural stone are perfect for adding gentle character and a relaxed, resort-like feel to your hardscape project.

Sandstone - Indian Coast

With its natural vein, warm browns and pink blushes, Indian Coast Sandstone is a natural stone paver not to miss out on. This paver is ideal for creating warm, cozy patios and outdoor spaces that overflow with natural elegance. It’s easy to imagine this paver forming the basis for rustic, modern and traditional patios alike, all while maintaining its relaxed, elegant appeal and earthy warmth.

Sandstone - Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose Sandstone features a sensual combination of pink blushes, natural reds and light undertones that introduce a sense of comfort and familiarity into outdoor living spaces. The red desert flavor of this stone is perfect for capturing the wonder and beauty of the open spaces of the south western states.


Limestone - Renaissance Gold

Similar in coloring to Autumn Harvest Sandstone, Renaissance Gold Limestone present the gold hues of beaches but in the fine soothing texture of natural limestone. Its fine grain and gently gradiated golds and gold browns make this natural stone as pleasing to the eye as to the touch. As a poolside surround, limestone is gentle on bare feet and will remain non-slip and comfortable in temperature on hot summer days.

Limestone - Winter Mist

Delicate texture and coloring combine to make this limestone paver a must for elegant patio spaces. The light, neutral grey of this paver is as ideal for modern and formal settings as it is for lushly vegetated landscapes and areas with bright and colorful accents.

Limestone - Black River

Sleek and bold, Black River Limestone is perfect for modern and formal patios. While deep in color, the matte finish on this paving stone lends a soft, refined quality to the surface and ensures that the darkness of this stone does not become overwhelming to the space. This stone creates a strong anchor for detached patios and outdoor dining areas and can be further enhanced with the use of light grey stone borders or tan jointing compound.


Image courtesy of Unilock.