Enhancing a Landscape with Monrovia Plants from our Nursery in Ulster County, NY

It takes time and talent to cultivate a softscape that appears natural and effortless at first glance, while being precisely arranged to contain highs and lows, dynamic shapes, and striking focal points. The plants you select for your softscape design will determine its color palette, character and how well it fares as the seasons change. Consider a few of our favourite Monrovia plants for an impressive Ulster County, NY softscape design. 

Azaleas (Rhododendron)

Enhancing a Landscape with Monrovia Plants from our Nursery in Ulster County, NY

‘Azalea’ is the common name for smaller varieties of the rhododendron genus of plants. Azaleas offer both large and small deciduous and evergreen shrubs that have the potential to suit virtually any softscape. They flower from May through October and are valued for the visual energy they can bring to a landscape. Consider Monrovia’s deep purple Double Shot Grape Azalea or the more romantic Watermelon variation for your softscape designs.  

Azaleas are excellent filler plants and can create a reliable evergreen backbone for your softscape design. They are quite hardy, and will be able to thrive in those stubbornly dry and shady areas of a backyard. Scatter azaleas among other types of shrubs to obscure the bare appearance they may take on once the flowering season has ended. As a rule of thumb, arranging different varieties of plants in a mixed fashion will always ensure that the softscape looks full and vibrant. 

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Golden Duke Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis 'MonJers')

Tsuga canadensis, is a famous evergreen variety, renowned for its graceful, dropping frame. However, these delicate trees require proper maintenance to keep them looking healthy and attractive. Hemlocks have evolved to thrive in the shade of other trees, so it’s important that the Golden Duke Eastern Hemlock is nestled into a special spot that is protected from wind and intense heat. They should be watered lightly and frequently to maintain a soil bed that is moist, but not wet. Their roots are relatively shallow and a stabilizing tree stake may be required to prevent a young Golden Duke from toppling over in the wind. However, the rather specific requirements of this species are outweighed by its beauty. The Golden Duke Eastern Hemlock, supplied by Monrovia, can be used to create an interesting border or graceful focal point within a softscape.

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Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens)

Boxwoods, or buxaceae, have been incorporated into softscapes for centuries, but now provide landscaping solutions for every backyard. Boxwoods are versatile and can grow tall, or remain close to the ground. They pair well with other plant varieties, but can also stand their ground when planted alone. They also offer rich green hues all year round and will thrive both in partial shade and direct sunlight. Their year-round color will help to soften the transition between seasons while other flowers fade or bloom. Boxwood can even be trimmed into delightful topiaries or large eye-catching spheres that frame the entrance of a property and welcome guests. Consider using the Winter Gem, Green Mountain or Green Beauty variations from Monrovia to frame and highlight the entryway of a softscape. Boxwoods can also be used to structure and organize a landscape, outlining the different spaces within it and the paths that connect them.