Upgrade your Bergen County Outdoor Fireplace Designs with Stone Veneer

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing stone veneer for your Bergen County, NJ, outdoor fireplace projects is the huge degree of flexibility that it offers - in terms of both structural and aesthetic design. Because stone veneer can be adhered to virtually any plastered surface, the structural design of a fireplace is no longer limited to what can be achieved using natural stone or concrete units. Instead, highly engineered structures can be constructed and then given the outward appearance of natural stone. This can result in some stunning original concepts that are sure to impress. Here are some ideas for using stone veneer to achieve incredible outdoor fireplace designs:

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Full wall fireplace

A full wall fireplace can make for a truly grandiose statement. In this design, the outdoor fireplace doubles as a dividing wall, either separating the patio from an adjacent outdoor room, or providing privacy from the neighbors. This design works well for patios that are very near to the boundary perimeter of the property. Because of the substantial dimensions of a full wall fireplace, care should be taken to ensure that this feature does not obstruct views or restrict the flow of the space. Such a fireplace can be either wider than it is tall, or as tall as it is wide. The design is simple, resembling little more than a wall with the hearth of the fireplace inserted into it. However, the stone veneer used to cover the structure allows it to serve as a bold accent feature.

Old World boulder fireplace

Old World boulder fireplaces are ideal for homes with a naturalistic theme. However, building using natural stone boulders is a time consuming and labor intensive task. Maneuvering boulders into position for construction is prohibitive for many contractors. Instead, the structure can be built using more convenient masonry methods and then covered using a boulder veneer. The end result is often indistinguishable from an authentic Old World fireplace.

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Integrating the fireplace into the home’s siding

Because stone veneer can be used on a great variety of surfaces, the siding of a home can be given the aesthetic of natural stone. This is handy for matching outdoor features to the home itself. It also means that it’s possible to build a fireplace onto the home without it appearing to be a separate structure. Stone veneer allows a fireplace added onto the side of the home to blend seamlessly into the siding. This is a good method to use for homes with great views that may otherwise be obstructed with the addition of a freestanding fireplace structure.

Sleek and modern design

Upgrade your Bergen County NJ Outdoor Fireplace Designs with Stone Veneer

Perhaps most enticing about the aesthetic of stone veneer is that it combines precision cut edges with rich, natural textures. This combination of crisp and rugged has made stone veneer a common feature in modern designs. An outdoor fireplace design can reflect this aesthetic by similarly incorporating straight lines and crisp edges, along with an appropriate stone veneer covering. Squat, geometric designs, as well as elongated, rectangular outdoor fireplaces, are ideal for matching to a modern landscape.

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