Types, Styles and Patterns of Stone Veneer in Rockland County NY

Natural stone has a reputation for being heavy and cumbersome to install, however, stone veneer is more affordable, accessible, and simple to install than one might think. Veneer stone is thin enough to be fixed to any wall that is structurally sound. If cared for, stone veneers will not only last a lifetime, they will also greatly improve the value of a Rockland County, NY, property. Consider the following popular stone veneer types and styles, and incorporate them into your hardscape arsenal this year to achieve some stunning designs:

Fieldstone Veneers

Fieldstone veneers utilize rock that occurs naturally in fields and open spaces. Fieldstone veneers are good candidates for rustic outdoor rooms and textured hardscapes, as each stone is absolutely unique, unpredictably shaped and bears a rugged finish. Embrace the differences in color and texture between individual stones, but ensure that they all subscribe to the same basic color palette for a cohesive design.  

A mosaic pattern

A mosaic pattern is made up of irregular pieces of stone that fit together to create a completely customized pattern. Mosaic patterns are therefore valued for their uniqueness, as the pattern created by a particular selection of stones is impossible to duplicate.

Ledgestone veneer

Types, Styles and Patterns of Stone Veneer in Rockland County NY

Ledgestone veneer is a popular option for homeowners seeking a modern look and feel for their hardscape. This style of veneer consists of thin strips of limestone that appear to be stacked. The rectangular stones have irregular edges and generally don’t align perfectly. This enhances the natural appeal of the stone. The ‘end grain’, rather than the face, of the stone is displayed and offers a richer texture. This veneer is also often incorporated into smaller structures, such as fire pits and kitchen backsplashes, for a concentrated design that has a greater visual impact and draws attention to a specific point in the hardscape. The rugged textures and spontaneous patterns of this veneer make it equally suited to both contemporary and rustic hardscapes. Ledgestone veneer creates a stunning contrast when paired with sleek, modern materials like steel and luxurious fabrics. Limestone can be obtained in a wide variety of colors and textures, allowing this veneer to effectively complement a range of hardscape designs.  

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A square-and-rectangle pattern

This pattern is perfectly suited to homeowners seeking structure and uniformity in their hardscape design. The stones utilized conform to a roughly square or rectangular shape, which can be refined by a mason into a cleaner form. These regular stones can easily be arranged into a specific, repetitive pattern. This veneer is well suited to the walls of minimalist hardscape designs in which fairly understated backdrops are desired. Very little waste is produced in the creation of a square-and-rectangle pattern, making it a more cost-effective option.

Split face veneer

Split face stone is cut roughly to expose the inner layers of rock beneath the weathered surface. Split face stone is well suited to contemporary hardscapes for its monochrome qualities and the precise shapes in which it can be acquired. The muted colors of split face veneer don’t necessarily mean that they are lost to their surroundings, however. These stones can stand out just as clearly as other varieties of stone veneer, and can make a great impact on the overall look and feel of an outdoor room.

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