4 Benefits of Incorporating Stone Veneer into your Sussex County Patio Design

Stone veneer is valued for its ability to capture the magnificence of real stone masonry. Stone veneer is versatile and can be used to highlight a variety of features, like fire pits and water features, and transform them into focal points. Irrespective of where you incorporate stone veneer into your Sussex County, NJ, landscape, it never fails to add natural beauty and elegance to its surroundings. Here are a few irresistible benefits of utilizing stone veneer in your patio design.

It’s not that expensive

Many people opt for concrete or faux stone in order to save money on their backyard renovation. However, when one considers the durability of natural stone and the value it adds to a property, its price becomes less daunting. Natural stone is timeless, aesthetically versatile, and incredibly durable, reducing the need for replacements and repairs in decades to come. Stone veneer is an investment that often proves to bear excellent value for money in the long run. In addition, stone veneer is cheaper than the heavy natural stone units used in masonry.


Maintenance is a breeze

Natural stone is quarried from the earth, or collected from open areas such as fields. These stones fair perfectly well without human intervention, and will continue to do so once they have been relocated to your backyard. Harsh weather conditions are no match for the structural integrity of natural stone veneer. As a result, you will never need to worry about repairs or repainting. Granite is the hardest stone variety available and is therefore the least likely to chip. Any scratches made to the surface of stone will gradually blend into its surroundings and reveal the same color and consistency of rock beneath it. Natural stone is also resistant to fading and only looks better with age. An occasional rinse is all these stones require to continue looking their best.


Easy installation

4 Benefits of Incorporating Stone Veneer into your Sussex County, NJ, Patio Design

Natural stone veneer can be applied directly over almost any wall surface material, including brick and concrete. Its installation should be a walk in the park for any mason. Opting for stones of the same size and shape can further simplify the installation process, and will result in a very uniform and modern design. The thin slabs used to veneer structures are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to work with.

Great aesthetic potential

Natural stone from different parts of the earth, and from different seams of the same mining site, have different surface colors and patterns. The most unique and captivating veneers bear no stones of the same color or texture. The abundance of colors, textures and shapes available enables any homeowner to compile a stone veneer that suits the rest of their hardscape.

Natural stone is aesthetically versatile, and also has an impressive permanence. Not only will it remain unchanged by decades of wear and tear, but you won’t find the need to replace it. Trends may constantly change, but natural stone has proven to bear timeless beauty that never goes out of style.