5 Uses for Stone Veneer in NJ

Stone veneer is becoming more popular than ever as a residential building material in Bergen County, NJ. Its ease of installation and extreme versatility make it a perfect solution for customers looking to keep pace with today’s design trends. Whether you’re a contractor seeking innovative ways to add a unique touch to a project or a homeowner looking to update his/her residence, stone veneer is a versatile aesthetic enhancement that is sure to offer value.

5 Uses for Stone Veneer in Bergen County NJ

Stone veneer’s high adaptability makes it a natural fit for even the most innovative designs and can be adhered to most wall surfaces, thanks to its light weight – one third the weight of full-thickness stone.

Another prime characteristic of stone veneer is its durability, which is of crucial importance to developers, builders and architects who are looking for reliable strength, consistency and quality in products they work with.


An ordinary arch, door or window can be transformed into a stunning architectural feature using stone veneer accents. One growing trend is using stone veneer to offset brick window accents. Also in vogue is combining different stone veneers to produce a unique, customized look. Exterior window and door surrounds made from stone veneer that resembles carved or inset stone are also trending, as are keystone windows and arches.

Exterior Facades

Stone veneer is often used on home exteriors. Plain wood or brick houses can have a veneer covering to give them a stone cottage feel and make them appear as though they were originally made from stone. Whether used as an accent or a full wrap, stone veneer adds curb appeal to any home. Employing different materials and colors can provide a three-dimensional quality, adding more interest and depth to a building.

Exteriors can also be veneered to help articulate human scale while complementing the architecture and surroundings. Many architects prefer more earth-toned colors, adhering stone veneer to exterior facades as a way to complement the natural scenery around so many homes. Some scenarios may require styles that emulate the natural stone found in nearby surroundings, to give the illusion that a piece of the landscape has been incorporated right into the home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Stone veneer can be widely applied to outdoor kitchens, providing islands and backsplashes with a textured and unique character and adding a rustic or natural feel to the kitchen setting. Stone veneer also contributes to easy maintenance for the homeowner and provides a protective layer to outdoor cabinets and structures. Stone veneer can be used to create cohesion with various kitchen elements, including bar and seating areas.



Contractors are able to achieve virtually any look for fireplaces because of the wide variety of stone veneer styles available. Stone veneer fireplaces can feature any style from a boulder design to a sleek, modern feel. Other styles, such as Mediterranean, Tuscan, and Victorian styles are also possible.


For an ancient look and feel, Tuscan-style columns can be employed with the help of stone veneer to add old-world charm to entranceways and patios. Considering the wide variety of stone veneers, the client has many choices to choose from in achieving a custom look for a building’s support columns.


Image courtesy of Boral Stone.