Trust Our Extensive Supply of Materials for All Your Masonry Needs in Sussex County

Having a trusted source of high-quality materials, that serves as a one-stop solution to all your needs, can simplify construction projects and ensure that you never miss a deadline. With over 45 years of experience supplying materials to masons and landscapers, we cover everything from natural stone to the tools you use day-in and day-out. Read on for an overview of what we can offer you as a mason in Sussex County, NJ.

Bulk supplies and tools

Any hardscape is only as strong as the foundation upon which it was built. Therefore, we understand the importance of providing high-quality base materials, such as gravels and soils, which can be ordered for delivery or picked up at our stone yard. E.P. Jansens offers all the materials you would need for a hardscaping project, from laying the initial foundation to adding finishing touches. As each base material bears different traits, suited to supporting different designs, our in-house experts will be able to guide you in selecting the most durable and cost-effective material for your particular project. Our knowledgeable staff will also help you calculate how much of a particular material you are going to need.


In addition to offering an extensive range of materials, E.P. Jansens is also the go-to supplier for many masons that want the best tools to execute their craft. There are countless details involved in any construction project, and possessing a variety of high-quality tools is essential to producing clean, refined and ‘finished’ projects. Housing everything from mortars and sealers, to chisels and hammers, our fully-stocked store will soon make a regular out of you.

Concrete pavers and retaining wall products

Trust Our Extensive Supply of Materials for All Your Masonry Needs in Sussex County, NJ

Concrete pavers are a sleek alternative to poured concrete slabs in the construction of walkways, driveways, and patios. Similar units are also used in the construction of vertical elements like retaining walls and fire pits. Paved surfaces and concrete structures add structure and height to a rolling landscape, extending its life and value. We are proud and authorized dealers of high-quality products from manufacturers such as Unilock and Cambridge. Therefore, we can offer pavers and wall units designed to suit an endless range of hardscape designs and aesthetics, that are easily installed and unrivalled in strength. Allow our staff to help you select products in the colors and styles that are most suited to your client’s preferences.


Natural stone

Natural stone, with its luxurious beauty and astounding longevity, never fails to boost the value and curb appeal of a property. Each stone varies from the next, and while your selection may subscribe to the same tone and quality, slight variations in color and texture will result in an intricate and detailed design. Each individual client has a unique vision for their hardscape, and it’s important to have a wide variety of stone at your fingertips to bring different designs to life. We offer steps, slabs, and boulders for vertical structures, and a vast array of stone pavers and slim veneers to enhance surfaces. Once again, our qualified experts are here to help you determine the type of stone with qualities most suited to your project.