4 Benefits of Using Concrete Paving Stones for Sussex County Driveways

There is such a wide variety of materials from which driveways can be constructed, that it can sometimes be difficult to commit to one candidate. Concrete slabs may be inexpensive, but are rigid and more likely to crack under pressure. Natural stone is timeless and unique, but certain varieties are too fragile to withstand frequent vehicular traffic. While each material bears strengths and weaknesses, the benefits of using concrete paving stones are numerous. Here are just a few reasons why countless Sussex County, NJ, contractors stake their livelihoods on concrete pavers.


Concrete pavers are renowned for their compressive strength and can have a lifespan of 50 years. This strength is largely dependant on the size of the pavers. Large format pavers can be more likely to crack than smaller alternatives. A surface comprised of small pavers is flexible at the joints, and can expand or contract in response to the natural movement of the underlying earth. Although extreme mechanical weathering can damage concrete pavers, a single paver can easily be replaced without uprooting its neighbors.


Varied aesthetic potential

Although driveways are designed with practicality in mind, curb appeal does not have to be compromised in the interest of longevity. Concrete pavers have a more sophisticated appearance than some other driveway materials like gravel or asphalt. In addition, various innovative technologies are involved in the manufacturing of concrete pavers to enhance their appearance. They are manufactured in a wide variety of colors and textures, imbued with interesting gradients and finishes. This enables any homeowner to find a paver that suits their unique preferences.

Concrete paving stones can even be made to emulate the shades and textures of natural stone, often using molds cast from real stone. These concrete paving stones are stronger than many types of authentic stone, so it is safer and more cost-effective to utilize them in driveway projects. Consider utilizing natural stone to veneer vertical focal points like fireplaces and retaining walls instead.


Interesting patterns

4 Benefits of Using Concrete Paving Stones for Sussex County, NJ, Driveways

Small concrete pavers can be laid in a variety of captivating patterns that add character to a driveway and give it a three dimensional look. In addition to their decorative potential, these patterns can serve certain functions in the design of a driveway. Circular patterns, like Rosette, draw attention to their centers, creating space-efficient focal points that break up a large driveway. Linear designs, like the running bond formation, can be used to make small driveways appear longer or wider. Paver patterns generally have a more powerful visual impact when the edges of individual pavers are clearly seen. Therefore, consider using jointing material in a shade that stands out.

Customizable jointing material

The color of the jointing lines between pavers can be customized to personalize and enhance a driveway. For example, sandy jointing material can be nestled between dark pavers for a striking contrast that instantly captures attention. Try to select jointing material in a shade that can be found elsewhere in the hardscape or home exterior, so that the property appears well put-together.

Image courtesy of Unilock.