Landscape Materials You Need for Creating a Perfect Backyard Oasis in Rockland County, NY

The beauty and durability of your landscape projects all depends upon the appropriate use of quality materials. Here are a few staple landscape materials that you can rely on to bring your landscape designs to life, and sustain it throughout the decades.

Natural Stone and Veneers

Natural stone pavers are excellent candidates for virtually any outdoor room, including patios and outdoor kitchens. Natural stone encompasses a vast array of characterful stone, from limestone to bluestone and fieldstone. Their effortless elegance and earthy qualities can not only accentuate a variety of aesthetic themes, but will also add great value to a property.

Each quarried stone is absolutely unique - no two stones will have the same character or markings.Different types of stone are composed of different minerals and are acquired differently, while stones of the same variation bear the unique characteristics of their place and depth of origin.

Similarly, a design filled with natural stone elements can not be replicated, guaranteeing that your landscape design remains one-of-a-kind. If constructing entire structures from stone is beyond the labor or time constraints of a project, consider opting for veneer stone. Veneer stone adheres to concrete, brick or plastered structures and grants these structures the authentic look of a stone structure. Veneer stone can be laid in a wide variety of patterns and layouts that help to achieve different aesthetics.

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Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers bear all the unbeatable durability and reliability of a reinforced, manufactured product. However, they also have the ability to convincingly mimic the shades and textures of natural stone. Concrete pavers are, therefore, renowned for their versatility and value for money. There is a vast range of concrete pavers on the market, making the process of finding the perfect paver for your particular patio or walkway project a breeze. The compressive strength of concrete is unparalleled. However, should a paver become damaged, it is easy to lift and replace a single unit without disturbing the rest of the paved surface. An interlocking system of small pavers is widely favoured for surfaces that need to be strong yet flexible. Driveways, for example, should be able to yield to vehicular pressure, rather than crack beneath the strain. The numerous joints between small, interlocking pavers, enable the entire paved surface to yield to external pressures from above and below.

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Ground cover

Landscape Materials You Need for Creating a Perfect Backyard Oasis in Rockland County, NY

There are various landscape materials that can be used to cover a landscape and abolish the high maintenance requirements of grass. Decorative gravel, for example, can be used to create pathways or fill in spaces between ornamental rocks, where plants simply won’t take hold. Decorative gravel offers eco-friendly benefits as a water-wise alternative to vegetation. Many homeowners opt to nestle small, hardy succulents among the gravel, creating a charming dry garden. Pebbles are another hard-wearing option that can be arranged into stunning patterns for captivating walkways. They can also be used to surround the plants that frame a hardscape for a neat yet natural look. Slate chips and bark chips also offer chic ground cover and are especially suited to more wooded areas, where plants, logs and sleepers can be nestled among them. Consider laying down rows of logs or sleepers for charming walkways that meander into the softscape.