Create a Natural Looking Retaining Wall with Boulders and Rocks from Our Landscape Supply in Rockland County, NJ, Area

Retaining walls made with boulders and rocks not only create visual interest and add beauty to Rockland County, NJ, landscapes, they also help to protect the landscape from soil erosion while maintaining a natural appearance. If your retaining wall design calls for a rugged, natural look, a retaining wall made with boulders and rocks might be your best option.

Authentic and Unique

For a truly authentic, unique, and natural retaining wall, there is nothing that compares to the look of a boulders and large rocks. Rocks and boulders come in countless shapes, textures, and a variety of subtle earthy colors. Because boulders and rocks have been used in the creation of walls for centuries, they are perfect for creating an old world look, or adding a more rustic element to a landscape. Typically larger pieces are used to create the first few levels of the retaining wall, as heavier pieces are needed to support where it is most needed. Smaller rocks are used at the higher levels of the wall for continued support. This age-old method creates a natural-looking and visually appealing wall.

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Natural Protection

Whether you are trying to create additional flat space in a yard, create clear differentiation between outdoor spaces, or simply want to protect the landscape from soil erosion, a natural rock or boulder retaining wall is an excellent option. A retaining wall made from boulders or rocks is an effective and natural way to make sure that the soil being held behind the wall is adequately supported. To prevent the damages caused by soil erosion, a retaining wall must be strong. Boulders are heavy-weight and are, therefore, a first choice when seeking reliable support. 

Rock and Boulder Options

Create a Natural Looking Retaining Wall with Boulders and Rocks from Our Landscape Supply in Rockland County, NJ, Area

A popular choice for retaining walls is limestone. Limestone is sought after for its ability to withstand force and environmental pressures. Additionally, limestone typically has a more consistent shape, as it easy to process and shape. Another popular choice is fieldstone. It is sought both for its dense ruggedness and rustic aesthetic. Fieldstone is a type of flat stone that is collected from fields. These thin, flat stones can be stacked to create a highly detailed wall. Belgium blocks are another popular stone for natural stone retaining walls, and can be dry-stacked, fixed with mortar, or kept in place with steel restraints. Whatever natural rock and boulder material you choose, you can be certain that your wall will be wholly unique, that no single rock will be the same, and that the landscape will ascend to new heights of visual interest.

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Drainage Solution Without Mortar

The biggest challenge that any retaining wall has to contend with is drainage capacity. Without proper drainage, because of the active pressure on the wall, the integrity of the wall can be compromised. Bulging, cracking, and leaning is a likely consequence of improper drainage. Because, rock and boulder retaining walls can be built without mortar, they have an essentially natural drainage system. Visit our landscape supply store for additional drainage materials and stock up on supplies for your next boulder or rock retaining wall system.