Transform a Home's Exterior with Stone Veneer Siding in Sullivan County, NY

Do you have a Sullivan County, NY, home in need of a facelift? When clients need to update their home’s exterior with something unique and durable, consider stone veneer siding. It offers the look of natural stone without the bulk and high price. Whether you need to provide full coverage or just a few accents, stone veneer siding can revitalize any home’s appearance.

Why Choose Stone Veneer Siding?

Upgrading a home’s exterior will transform the look while also increasing its resale value. Stone veneer siding is proven to offer one of the highest returns on investment of any exterior cladding material. Installation of stone veneer is less complicated than natural stone, and it can be applied to most wall types.
Stone veneer is lighter than real stone but still durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. With proper installation, stone veneer siding is a low maintenance and long-lasting option.
More noticeably, stone veneer gives a home character and adds texture and dimension to its outward appearance. Available in a multitude of different colors, shapes and styles, stone veneer offers choices for complementing any design style. 

Stone Veneer Accents

Transform a Home's Exterior with Stone Veneer Siding in Sullivan County, NY  

Even a small amount of stone can transform the look of a home. Instead of complete coverage, stone veneer accents could provide an instant update and a way to highlight architectural features.
Pillars and columns add interest to the front of the home and provide necessary support. Covering columns or footings with stone veneer will create the look of a solid stone pillar. For a bit more impact, stone veneer could cover the entire front porch to give the home the appearance of a country cottage.

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Stone chimneys are a common element in older homes. Newer homes often have gas-burning fireplaces and chimneys that are finished with the same material as the rest of the house. If the desired look is an older home with a wood-burning fireplace, you could cover the chimney covered with stone veneer.
Foundation skirting is another popular method for incorporating stone veneer. Covering the concrete foundation with natural stone veneer generates the appearance of a stone foundation.

Partial Stone Veneer

Combining stone veneer and other exterior finishes such as stucco or siding will give a home a distinct look and is less costly than a full stone veneer wrap. Stone veneer paired with wood siding or cedar shingles created a desirable, beach house feeling. For an old-world look, choose a stone veneer and stucco combination.

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There are a number of ways to combine stone veneer and a favorite exterior finish. A common practice is to cover the bottom third of a house with stone veneer and complete the rest with an alternative cladding. Many homeowners also choose to cover all exterior walls in stone veneer while finishing dormers with a complementary siding. Even a single stone veneer accent wall will create a striking focal point on the home’s exterior. 

Complete Coverage Stone Veneer

Covering the entire façade of a home with stone veneer siding will create a big impact. Whether the inspiration is an ancient castle, a quaint country cottage or a modern mansion, stone veneer siding can help provide the right look.