5 Tips From Our Garden Center for Adding Color to Your Bergen County, NJ, Patio

When your client comes to you and asks for more color in the patio design, what do you suggest? Here are some tried-and-true ways to bring lively colors from our garden center into a Bergen County, NJ, patio area.

Paver Patterns for Contrasting Colors

5 Tips From Our Garden Center for Adding Color to Your Bergen County, NJ, Patio

Landscape pavers come in pretty much every size, shape, and color today. You could suggest a band of contrasting pavers for the perimeter of the patio. This can work well no matter the size or shape of the patio, and bands can even define different “rooms” within a patio area. Or, propose a decorative paver inlay, such as a star shape, to bring more interest and drama to your patio. Don’t forget that repeated paver patterns are also eye-catching and bring color to the landscape. So, installing a repeating band paver for not only the patio but the walkways and driveway too could add continuity to the landscape as well as visual interest.

Retaining Wall with Colorful Flowers

A low retaining wall can bring both color and privacy to the patio area. Choose stones for the wall that contrast to your client’s home exterior paint colors or the patio material color. Or, continue the same color hue but add a band of contrasting stones for interest. Retaining walls can contain colorful ceramic tiles interspersed in the design or glass blocks that are well-lit for warm color in the nighttime landscape. The retaining wall could also bring color to the landscape if it’s topped by flowers, or it could have gorgeous blooming rose bushes planted in front of it, so that it becomes a focal point.

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Carefully Chosen Plants and Shrubs

The natural color that blooming shrubs and plants bring to the landscape can be unmatched. You could take a walk around the nursery with your clients to discuss the various options for bring such natural color into their outdoor living space. Surveying the patio from all angles can help you suggest a cohesive color pattern to complement the patio materials. Gorgeous perennials return year after year to form a foundational base for annual flower colors. Because annual plants are only used once, remind your client that if one choice falls out of favor as the year progresses, it will be easy to remedy for the next season.

Potted Plants for Versatility

Potted plants are ideal for patio color for several reasons. First, the pots can be huge or small, in colorful hues or neutral to keep the flowers on display. Mixing and matching might seem intimidating, but with an expert eye from the nursery specialist, the perfect combination will be breathtaking. Bold pot colors and floral choices can make darker corners of the patio really perk up, and they can bring a pop to an otherwise neutral background.

Don’t overlook a pot planted with different colors of green plants, as this is a subtle way to create colorful interest.

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Furniture and Patio Umbrellas

Remind your clients that colorful pillows added to outdoor furniture can really brighten the patio. Large outdoor umbrellas in stripes and solid colors provide both shade and a focal color for the landscape. Outdoor rugs add pattern and color, while giving a finished look to a patio. Keep in mind that ensuring the colors are complementary to one another and similar in color and hue can make the patio hardscape one continuous pretty vision.