10 Perennials From Our Plant Nursery for a Sussex County, NJ, Backyard

Both annuals and perennials are used in most landscapes for their range of colors and beauty, but perennials, which come back year after year, tend to form the backbone of a property. That’s why perennial flowers and shrubs should be a staple of your landscaping offerings in Sussex County, NJ. Here are just a few to consider from the vast selection of options in our plant nursery.

Benefits of Perennial Plants

10 Perennials From Our Plant Nursery for a Sussex County, NJ, Backyard

Forming an established root system, perennials are known to help improve soil structure, by giving water and oxygen space to seep and providing room for beneficial microorganisms to live. Reaching nutrients that are deep in the ground, these plants are known for requiring less fertilizer and pesticides than other types of plantings. Also, they can be considered the workhorses of a backyard since they can become fuller and prettier every year.


Anemones are delicate flowers that bloom in white, pink, or deep rose colors. An excellent flower for arrangements, they also have a delightful scent.

Bee Balm

Attracting bees and butterflies, bee balm has leaves that can be used to make tea, and blooms in shades of white, purple, pink, and pale red. Bee balm is native to New Jersey, which is a bonus because native plants require less attention to thrive since they are ideally suited to the climate.

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Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed is anything but a weed. Another native to New Jersey that requires minimal care, butterfly weed produces flowers in white, orange, pink, and red, and it can attract Monarch butterflies. Resistant to deer and drought, the hardy butterfly weed is worth presenting as a softscape option.


One of the easiest plants to grow, daylilies can be seen growing wild. With flowers that are trumpet-shaped and yellow or orange, daylilies are a favorite for NJ landscapes.


Hibiscus plants are a star of a NJ garden, with their large, vibrant blooms that provide wonderful contrast to other plants. They spread quickly and are considered easy to grow.

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A perfect cutting flower for arrangements, daisies of any color or variety can be planted in landscape beds, rock gardens, and along borders. They are hardy, easy to grow, and come in almost every color.


Peonies are perhaps the favorite flower of most any gardener with their enormous blooms in red, pink, white, and yellow. These flowers live for many years with very little maintenance.

Blueberry Bushes

One of the best loved fruit bushes or trees, blueberry bushes only get better with maturity. In the spring they are covered with white blooms that make way for deep blue, juicy berries in the summer. Then, their fall foliage provides a deep contrast of reds.


Another practically carefree plant, yarrow is mostly known for its bright yellow blooms, but it can also be red or pink. So hardy you can see it growing wild and along the side of the road, this plant is drought-resistant, attracts many species of butterflies, and adds color and texture to cut arrangements.

One of the special advantages of perennials is that they can be staggered to bloom so that your client’s backyard is never without some blooming, easy-care beauty. And because they tend to propagate on their own, digging them up to split them for other areas provides homeowners with a great return on their investment.