Create a Backyard Oasis in Ulster County, NY, with These Bluestone Designs

When you are tasked with designing and building a backyard oasis, bluestone pavers could be what you need for your Ulster County, NY, project. There are so many options for the materials you could use when renovating a landscape, but bluestone may rise to the top of the choice pile for its clean and contemporary feel that can elevate the look of any outdoor space. It’s also known for having incredible durability. Read on and discover all the ways you can use bluestone to create a backyard oasis.

A Beautiful Blue Patio

Create a Backyard Oasis in Ulster County, NY, with These Bluestone Designs

Your clients may be specifically hoping for a new patio that will become their calming space, the place they will go every day to enjoy their morning coffee or to admire the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. A patio paved in hues of blue and gray can greatly add to the calming effect they are hoping to achieve. Whether you suggest they choose natural looking flagstone or a sharp and modern geometric motif, bluestone pavers could add a serene finish to their backyard space. You could complete the look with recommendations for patio furniture that features shiny metal to contrast with the cool coloring of the patio pavers.

Blue Gray Walkway

Give the entryway of a home an elegant update with bluestone paving and accents. Create a walkway made of dense bluestone pavers that lead to a staircase in a complementary color, or go really big and extend the look of bluestone to the driveway and a front patio as well. No matter the color or style of the exterior of your home, there’s a bluestone option to match and help make your entryway shine. Bluestone is often considered impractical for driveways because thicker, pricier slabs are required to withstand the heavy traffic load and installation is more of a challenge; however, concrete pavers resembling bluestone can be put it in place.

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Bluestone Poolscape

Update a drab pool deck in something soft and unexpected with beautiful bluestone pavers. Not only will the bluestone material that forms the poolscape beautifully reflect against the pool water, but it could help to further create a cool and calming effect in the backyard. Fortunately, unlike some natural stone options that are not meant for the flooring used around pools, bluestone is considered a safe option. Consider suggesting a unique waterfall element nearby to further develop the desired oasis-like environment.

A Contrast with Fire

Imagine the warm glow of an orange-yellow fire set against gorgeous blue and gray stone in the surrounding patio. Brightness and warmth contrasted by the cool-looking surface could make for a stunning landscape design.

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Accents and Lighting

Dark decorative stone accents could further keep the attention on the bluestone surfaces. Lighting placed along a seating wall could shine off the patio and keep guests admiring the gorgeous surface long into the nighttime hours.

If you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at our stone yard to see our offerings for bluestone pavers. Known for their versatility, these pavers can be used for patios and pool decks, and for winning over homeowners who fall in love with the aesthetic once bluestone is introduced as an idea.