The Benefits of Sourcing from a Reliable Wholesale Nursery in Bergen County, NJ

When your client wants the very best for a Bergen County, NJ, landscape, look no further than your local wholesale landscape supply. With the convenience of locating all of your plants and supplies in one place, it is one-stop shopping at its best.

Trees That Will Thrive

The Benefits of Sourcing from a Reliable Wholesale Nursery in Bergen County, NJ

Trees are a foundational element of landscape design—they provide the visual anchor necessary for landscape beds, patios, the front and back exteriors of homes, and for every place that needs a vertical feature.

Some specimens grow very tall like the sweet birch or the tulip tree, an excellent shade tree that is a fast grower. The American holly keeps its dark green leaves all year and bears bright, red berries. The Red Oak is the New Jersey state tree with a stately presence and a long lifespan.

Shrubs Planted for Beauty

Shrubs bring various hues of green and often flowers to the landscape. Consider the boxwood as an anchor shrub that is hardy and able to withstand harsh winters. Flowering rose bushes and shrubs can bring many colors to the landscape and are surprisingly low maintenance. Of course, azaleas are always a welcome addition to the landscape with their many color choices.

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Ornamental Grasses That Grab Attention

Ornamental grasses are great for the environment since they provide protection for beneficial insects. If your Bergen County, NJ, clients have slopes or hills that are difficult to mow and you don’t want to fill them with ground cover, ornamental grass is a wonderful alternative.

Ornamental grass boasts many colors and brings texture and vertical height to a yard. This grass can be part of a landscape bed, border a wall, or anchor a driveway. With its versatility and color choices, ornamental grass can fit seamlessly into any landscape.

Pretty Perennials and Annuals

As a landscape professional, you know the value of both perennial plants and annual flowers. The perennials form the backdrop year after year for a great design, while the annuals bring color and variety. Your local wholesale nursery has experts who can assist you with color combinations and collections that free up your time for other, more pressing decisions. Because they know which plants are proven winners and which are unusual and special, they can create a plan for both perennial and annual plantings that will dazzle.

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Topiaries for Variety

Topiaries are like exclamation points—they give oomph to a specific place in a landscape. A group of shrubs can be trimmed into topiaries or a topiary can be potted and placed in a focal area. The best plants for topiaries are shrubs with dense leaves that stay green for most of the year.

When servicing your Bergen County clients, you want trees, plants, and shrubs of unmatched quality and variety. Lush, healthy plants mean that you don’t have to be choosy about which plants you select because they are all in prime condition.

Plant specialists work to supply unique specimens all year long, along with the tried and true plants that thrive in the New Jersey climate. Your time is valuable and you need to be present on the job sites and consulting with clients, so let a wholesale Bergen County nursery take care of the planning and selection of plants for your projects.