6 Annuals You Can Find in Our Landscape Nursery in Sussex County, NJ

Annuals are a fun way to perk up a home after a dreary winter. Although they only last one year, annuals bring bright color to a landscape for a few short months, and provide much-needed food for bees and butterflies. If you are looking for classic annuals, here are a few you can find in our landscape nursery in Sussex County, NJ:


6 Annuals You Can Find in Our Landscape Nursery in Sussex County, NJ

These charming classic annuals come in a wide array of pinks and purples. Their pretty petals are reminiscent of vintage green gardens. They are bright but small, so you may find they are best planted in the front of a plant bed or as a border of color. As annuals, the use of petunias can be changed up year to year, with their color offerings transforming their contribution to the landscape from one year to the next, if their use is repeated. You could use them as accents near large evergreen bushes or to cheer up a lonely mailbox on a front lawn.

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These delicate flowers are often found in hanging baskets, bringing lots of colorful blooms for your pleasure. The flowers are small but plentiful, and the foliage displays a rich green and sturdy body. These beauties are great for hanging in indoor sunrooms, porches, or anywhere else a pop of color is needed.


These plants are often true to their name, boasting rich golden blooms, sometimes with copper tones. Marigolds will hold their bloom for the whole of the season, well into the colder months when other annuals have faded. They are also rumored to help deter ants, so you can add them to beds as a distraction if you want to keep another plant safe. They’re also deer resistant, which can be important around this time of year.


This classic flower is often fragrant and overflowing with dainty yet voluminous blooms. Great for containers, this flower puts forth beautiful colors ranging from deep reds to coral pink. These annuals are great patio plants, so you can liven up a bland hardscape with foliage and color. They also make great gift plants if there’s a need of a quick present for an occasion or get-well-soon acknowledgement.

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Zinnias are a cousin of the daisy, and have tall stalks that bear beautiful blooms. These plants continue giving us a show throughout the season, and are a great source of food for bees and butterflies. Their colorful petals are a great contrast to mulched beds and green grass.


Another cousin of the daisy, cosmos have a typical wildflower look. They come in an array of beautiful colors from white to purple. They are perfect for wildflower gardens or naturalized areas. Add them next to small trees like Japanese Maples for interesting contrast. You can also plant them next to fruits or vegetables to attract pollinators to a garden.

This list reflects just some of the few annuals we have available at our landscape nursery. Stop by and take a look for flats or individual plants, or contact us if you have any questions about our inventory. Our plant specialists can help steer you toward the perfect choices.