Our Garden Center’s Favorite Plants for Your Customers in Hudson Valley, NY

Any time you are designing and installing a Hudson Valley, NY, landscape, from a refresh of an existing property to a from-the-dirt-up transformation, the plants you choose make a difference in the aesthetic and ongoing maintenance. When you steer your clients to native and seasonal plants, the outcome is optimal because they will thrive and be well-suited for the weather. Read on for our garden center’s favorite plants for your customers.


Our Garden Center’s Favorite Plants for Your Customers in Hudson Valley, NY

One of the problems with our area is that the deer munch on so many kinds of plants, so focusing on trees that grow well in this region but are deer-resistant is smart. Most of the following varieties deter the deer.

A majestic spruce tree or many varieties of pine trees grow well in the Hudson Valley. And, of course, any evergreen tree can bring beauty to the landscape all year round, as the needles stay on the tree.

Fruit trees can produce dainty flowers in the spring, followed by fruit in the summer. While fruit trees require more work than other landscape trees, having an apple and a pear tree might be just what your customer is looking for to try a hand at growing fruit.

Dogwoods and maples are always a great choice, and guaranteed to bring bright leaves and classic spring flowers to the landscape. And, the fast-growing weeping willow is a king of trees, reminding us of going to grandma’s house and playing hide-and-seek in the weeping branches.

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Shrubs can provide a true foundation to a landscape, the anchor backdrop for the colorful flowers that your clients love so much. Flowering shrubs bring their own kind of beauty to a landscape. Consider hydrangeas, with their unexpected flower colors, and rhododendrons. Knock Out roses are virtually carefree and definitely bring a pop of color to a yard.

Azaleas are not your grandmother’s shrub anymore, as they have triple the blooms of the old variety, along with a deep green leaf. Lilacs smell so wonderful and make a great addition to any landscape. Peonies bring the classic flowering shrub beauty, making show-stopping arrangements for the amateur gardener.

And a butterfly bush could entice the butterflies and bees to the yard for cross-pollination. Your customers will love watching the butterflies flitting about the yard.

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Both annual and perennial flowers are a necessary part of a successful landscape design. Suggest establishing a base with perennial plants such as flowering bulbs, yellow day lilies, and purple coneflower. Hosta brings the variegated greens to the picture, with nothing more gorgeous than the many shades of green and blue they provide. Black-eyed Susans, daisies, and sage return year after year, and multiply over time.

Once the perennials have been chosen, accent each season with flowers specifically geared for a specific weather. Point your customers to the rainbow of geraniums available, as well as the prolific petunias for spring. The traditional zinnias bring bold blooms on deep green plants.

Our garden center has experts to provide personalized attention to your Hudson Valley, NY, project, so that you end up with the most stunning landscape design for your clients. With our high-quality plants at a competitive price, we are your go-to for seasonal plants and for those that are hard-to find, too.