Visit Our Masonry Supply for These 3 Stunning Natural Stone Options

Unmatched in quality and beauty, natural stone has been used by builders for centuries. Finding the right natural stone is one of the first steps to creating a durable landscape project. Select the best type of natural stone to meet project demands by visiting the largest masonry supply in the Hudson Valley. E.P. Jansen Nursery, the premier landscape distributor in the area, offers natural stone of the highest quality. Here are stunning natural stone options to consider for your Sussex County, NJ, project:


Visit Our Masonry Supply for These 3 Stunning Natural Stone Options

Flagstone pavers are a go-to choice for not only homeowners but architects and builders as well because of a list of advantages. Flagstone is acid-resistant, which means that it can be laid directly on top of the soil. This benefit also contributes to the versatile paver application of flagstone that can be used for various spaces from patio flooring to pool coping.

One of the most important advantages of flagstone is its non-slip surface, which encourages safety around outdoor kitchen and pool areas. Flagstone is ideal for heavy traffic use, as it resists moisture and is very durable. Pavers made of flagstone are highly requested by homeowners because of their low maintenance.

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Flagstone pavers are one of the thinnest types of flooring material, which makes it easier to work with compared to other types of stone. Aside from these qualities, flagstone is an appealing option for hardscaping because of its natural aesthetics that turn each project into a work of art.

As a landscape contractor, you know that there is a right kind of flagstone for any application or design, so it is important to find and select each piece of stone individually. Visit our masonry supply, and let our expert team guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions.

Natural Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is the epitome of stunning decorative stone that makes every application stand out. And it opens up an immense amount of installation opportunities.

As a replication of natural stone, stone veneer offers more flexibility than the original with its ability to be installed in rounded or curved areas, making it a favorite among both homeowners and builders. Upgrade your next fireplace, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or water feature project with stone veneer from E.P. Jansen. The artistic use of this natural stone option is on the rise, and the reason may be because this material offers more consistent color, providing a more uniform finished look than the real thing. Our masonry supply offers an incredibly wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes to choose, to make matching the color scheme of the home as easy as possible.

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Although bluestone is just one of the many types of flagstone—together with sandstone, limestone, slate, travertine, and quartzite—we believe it deserves a special place on this list. Bluestone can be the perfect material for various applications, including patios, pools, retaining walls, stepping stones, wall caps, and more.

Bluestone is an incredibly sturdy stone that can withstand everyday use. The quality of the bluestone pavers matters as much as its installation. If properly installed, this material will last many years to come without issue. The relaxed aesthetics of this natural stone are unmatched and mostly come from its primary mix of blue and gray tones. Fitting for modern patio application, bluestone is a bit of an investment, but it increases the value of the property.