Combining Manmade Materials with Natural Stone for Modern Appeal in Sussex County, NJ

When creating a modern design for a client, a blend of natural and manmade materials can result in a sophisticated look. If one particular material overwhelms the other, however, the design can become unbalanced. A good balance of contrast in texture and color will ensure a successful project in Sussex County, NJ. Here are some ideas:

Stainless Steel and Limestone

Stainless steel and limestone are an excellent pair for modern designs. Stainless steel provides a high degree of contrast to the materials traditionally used in outdoor living areas, and can therefore be used to add a contemporary touch. Because of its gleaming, eye-catching appearance, and mirror finish, stainless steel can be a little too much if overdone. For this reason, a landscape design calls for a contrasting texture and color to create balance. This can be achieved by keeping stainless steel features to a minimum and pairing it with a material that is understated and easy on the eyes. Limestone, for example, has a matte finish and features cool colors. A dark limestone is the perfect natural material to pair with a bright, reflective material such as stainless steel. Limestone provides texture where stainless steel offers modern sleekness. Both materials are durable and can withstand the seasonal elements.

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Glass and Sandstone

Combining Manmade Materials with Natural Stone for Modern Appeal in Sussex County, NJ

Glass is another popular material used in modern landscape design. Glass results in a bright, airy space, which is a signature of the modern look. Glass can be used in a wide range of applications throughout a client’s patio area. One common application is demonstrated by creating a low railing with thick glass panels. Glass is a great element on its own, but once you pair it with a light sandstone the design takes on an entirely new life. Sandstone features rich textures and a sand-like grain. The naturally detailed surface of sandstone is amplified and highlighted by the extra light that glass brings to the design. This application also works with other textured natural stones, such as limestone and bluestone. The reflective qualities of glass can also be used to achieve a beachy effect when paired with the beach sand look and feel of sandstone.

Zero-Bevel Pavers and Bluestone

For a customer considering a modern remodel or update for their bluestone patio, there’s a particular manmade material that goes well with this dark, natural stone. Bluestone is known for its historical usage and deep blue and grey colors. Bluestone is most commonly used in formal and traditional designs, however when paired with accents of smooth, zero-bevel concrete pavers, a quintessential modern appeal is possible. A smooth texture and the clean lines offered by a paver without a bevelled edge is ideal for balancing out bluestone’s naturally rugged looks and textural richness. Use such a paver for accents and patterns throughout the patio to break up a bluestone surface, or simply add a border that will highlight the bluestone coloring. Alternatively, consider featuring the zero-bevel paver as part of a staircase or walkway that leads to the client’s bluestone patio.

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