3 Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Concrete Paving Stones, Natural Stone, and Wood in Rockland County, NY

Incorporating natural elements into your backyard design can preserve the beauty of what nature has to offer and complement the quality paving stones that have been chosen for your landscape project. A mix of different colors and textures could be the best way to mimic nature’s variety. For the most effective ways to do this in a Rockland County, NY, backyard, consider these three landscaping ideas.

Enchanting Entrances

You want your backyard design to be stunning from beginning to end. What better way to do that than to add an arbor to a backyard entrance? An arbor is a wooden structure that usually forms an arch over the entrance to a walkway or garden. It also adds definition to your layout by defining the space. Find a good spot, like at the point where the front walkway meets the entrance to the backyard. For the most natural look, choose an arbor with a natural wood finish, like a deep chestnut brown. Plant a vining flower like roses that will grow up the arbor and create a beautiful archway of floral perfume and verdant foliage. Continue the walkway to the main entertaining area with natural stone.

Stepping Stone Pathway

A stepping stone pathway is a charming way to add whimsical beauty to your backyard design. Start the pathway at the entrance of the backyard, like under an arbor. Overly large concrete pavers could serve as a gorgeous stepping stones that are easy to traverse. Or opt for Sandstone, a beautiful natural stone that’s cut from whole blocks. It has a soft, neutral color that contrasts perfectly with lush green grass and the wooden elements. It could be laid out in a single line or be part of a more complex pattern that alternates rows of two, three, or four pavers. Space out the pavers enough to add definition to each stone, but close enough together that they make a cohesive walkway. Little tufts of grass should be visible between each stone to aid the natural effect. Run the walkway from the yard’s entrance up to the entertaining area you have created.

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Perfect Patio

3 Landscaping Ideas for Mixing Concrete Paving Stones, Natural Stone, and Wood in Rockland County, NY

Now that we’ve arrived at the patio, it’s time to decide on materials. Natural stone is a great choice if you want to continue the same look from the stepping stone path. It’s durable, and holds up very well to all the elements. If you want to mix it up, you can present multiple options for concrete pavers. We carry a variety of brands and products, like Unilock, Cambridge, Pine Hall Brick, and more. You can combine a number of different styles, like natural Limestone, beautiful classic brick, or a modern plank-style paver. Integrate different elements throughout the main portion of the patio, or use one style and simply add accents on the edges. To add an extra touch of wood to the patio, consider installing a pergola for shade and privacy that matches the arbor.

Image Source: Unilock

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If you are unsure of what kind of materials would best suit your next project, there’s no need to worry. With so many options to choose from, some guidance is necessary. Our experts can help you decide what materials would match your design.