Natural Stone: What You Need to Know About Flagstone Before Starting a Project in Bergen County, NJ

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock mined from the earth that is revered for its color variations, naturally thin width, and irregular shapes. This stone can complement any architectural style, from traditional to contemporary, so it is quite versatile. It can be used for roofs, sidewalks, and patios with exceptional results. There are some things to share with your clients about a natural stone like flagstone before starting a project for a Bergen County, NJ, home.

Pros of Flagstone

Flagstone appeals to homeowners because of its durability and natural beauty, which are just two characteristics that put this natural stone in a favorable light. First, the color of flagstone can differ depending on where it was mined. It can reflect pink, red, peach, and brown, and less commonly, white, green, and gold. You can point out that no two projects will look exactly the same because of the variety in appearance and the uniqueness of the individual pieces.

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Second, flagstone is extremely durable and resists absorbing heat, making it generally comfortable for walking on barefoot. Third, flagstone is easy to maintain—if a piece breaks, it can be removed and replaced with little trouble. Keeping the stone swept of debris eliminates most any potential staining.

Cons of Flagstone

Natural Stone: What You Need to Know About Flagstone Before Starting a Project in Bergen County, NJ

When a homeowner falls in love with the idea of using flagstone for a home project, you’ll need to bring up some of its downsides. First, because of their irregular shape, flagstones take more skill and time to lay. Sometimes the edges, if not completely flush with the ground or laying surface, can cause tripping. Second, flagstone typically costs more because of the value and labor involved, and requires more time to have installed since there’s more meticulousness required to place the pieces together in a pleasing pattern.

Third, flagstones need to be sealed correctly to reduce their porous nature, which can show spills and some stains, and reduces the absorption of moisture. These are all qualities to consider when advising Bergen County homeowners who are considering using flagstone.

Flagstone Project Ideas

Flagstone for projects is difficult to resist because of its distinctive appearance and ability to blend with almost any landscape. In short, flagstone is elegant. Porches, both front and back, are ideal for using flagstone because of its timeless look. This natural stone works well with most exterior paint colors and architectural looks. A walkway with steps of flagstone can bring some charm to your client’s landscape. Many homeowners like to allow grass or moss or even a small herb like thyme grow in between the cracks to add to the appeal. Surrounding an outdoor firepit, a flagstone floor can provide just the right amount of color and pattern to bring interest to what is sure to be a frequent gathering spot.

Flagstones can be laid one by one as stepping stones through a garden path, or they can be recessed into small gravel for a quaint pathway from the front to the back yard. Stacked together, flagstone creates a classic stacked stone wall to give definition and interest to planting beds. And flagstone can make perfect pool decking because it is durable and resists slipping.

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