5 Fast-Growing Shade Trees from Our Wholesale Nursery in the Ulster County, NY, Area

Shade trees could be exactly what’s been missing from your client’s Ulster County, NY, landscape. Whether you’re completing the landscape for a new build or you’re working on an established yard in need of an update, shade trees can help make the property feel complete. Visit our wholesale nursery and talk to our experts to find the right shade trees for your next project.

The Benefits of Shade Trees

Minimizing the amount of sun that hits a house is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy costs while also helping the environment. A home that is sheltered from the hot afternoon sun will stay cooler and require less air conditioning to keep it comfortable. By adding shade trees in the right location, you can block the sun from streaming in windows and heating up rooms.

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Shade trees also benefit the surrounding landscape as well. They can help prevent plants from drying out or burning in the hot summer sun. This, in turn, can help reduce water use. Trees also help keep stone and pavement cool so that patios and sidewalks aren’t too hot for bare feet. And they reduce water runoff and prevent pollutants from flowing into nearby water sources.

But not every tree will provide adequate shade for a landscape. Some trees grow much more quickly than others, and when you’re looking to add shade, you don’t want to wait decades for the tree to reach the proper height. Here’s a list of some of our favorite fast-growing shade trees for Ulster County, NY, landscapes.

Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwoods can grow 3 to 4 feet per year until they reach a majestic 70 to 100 feet in height. This coniferous tree features feathery green needles that turn a golden orange in the fall. It grows in a pyramid shape with the base spreading up to 25 feet in width.

Hybrid Poplar

These beautiful shade trees grow 5 to 8 feet per year reaching heights of 40 to 50 feet. They grow in an oval shape with a 30-foot spread. Look for a "cottonless hybrid," which requires less cleanup than other varieties.

Weeping Willow

5 Fast-Growing Shade Trees from Our Wholesale Nursery in the Ulster County, NY, Area

These impressive shade trees are fast growing at a rate of 3 to 8 feet per year. Willows grow to be 30- to 40-feet high, and their iconic silhouette features long, sweeping branches. The large canopy of slender leaves averages 35-feet wide. Weeping willows love water, and the roots will spread in search of it, so they should not be planted close to the house or water mains.

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is an extremely hardy tree that can thrive in almost any environment. These trees can grow 2 to 3 feet a year and average 60 to 75 feet in height. With their large 45-foot spread and gorgeous fall colors, they are very popular shade trees. Northern Red Oaks are also known for their long life-span and can live anywhere from 200 to 400 years.

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Quaking Aspen

The Quaking Aspen is a fast-growing tree, reaching 40 to 50 feet high at a rate of up to 5 feet per year. It features bright green leaves in the spring and summer that turn to a striking golden-yellow in the fall. This deciduous tree has prominent white bark and reaches an average 25-foot spread at maturity.