Get the Materials for Your Hudson Valley, NY, Custom Stone Mailbox Project from Our Masonry Supply

If you’re in the process of making a custom stone mailbox in the Hudson Valley, NY, you’ll want to coordinate its appearance with the rest of the property involved. You’ll want to prioritize beauty and value to the home as this mailbox comes together. To begin, you’ll want to access an extensive quality masonry supply, with a variety of stone options, all in one place. At E.P. Jansen Nursery LLC, we offer quality stone that will be perfect for the demands of any project.

Everything in One Place

Get the Materials for Your Custom Stone Mailbox from Our Masonry Supply in the Hudson Valley, NY

To build a stylish custom stone mailbox, you'll need quality stone and other tools that you can find in our masonry supply. It can be a huge waste of time to go around checking multiple places for the materials you need. Our team is ready to help you calculate how much stone you need and which type of stone will be the best option for the project at hand. It is also important to have a supplier to turn to when you need feedback on a certain type of stone or a new idea, to help you make a more informed decision.

Get the Best Stone Materials

Regardless if you are looking for a stone with a smoother finish and clean appearance, or one with a weathered, aged, natural look, at E.P. Jansen, the best stone options are at your disposal. Quality stone makes a difference during the building process: It can aid your creation of an outstanding final product, because you can keep the focus on craftsmanship.

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Offer a unique design to your clients and win their approval with a creative and stylish stone mailbox. Our high-quality selection of materials gives you the freedom to offer the kind of stone that will suit any design, in a seemingly endless range of colors and textures. If your clients want an earthy-toned option, consider stone veneer to closely match the architecture of the house, or bluestone for a cool toned mailbox that could go with the existing driveway or walkway. For a more luxurious appeal, your clients may prefer limestone, or you could achieve a sophisticated look with granite.

Embrace Variety

In our stone supply, you can find a range of natural stone offerings, including bluestone, limestone, flagstone, Vermont Slate, Belgium Block, and a variety of fieldstone and wall stone. In our stone yard, you will find a collection of steps, natural stone veneer, slabs, landscape boulders, and imported granite. You can rest assured that you will be getting the right types of stone for your project, as our team can walk you through the qualities of each material, and make sure to point out the most durable and beautiful choices.

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Make the Project a Success

If your clients ask for your expert opinion on the best fit of stone for their mailbox, you could base your recommendation on their front yard style and architecture of the home. If you’re not sure which material would be best, we can help you consider the options. You’ll be able to show off your expertise and establish yourself as an even more reliable contractor in front of your clients by making the perfect recommendation.