Add Character to Your Sussex County, NJ, Front Yard Projects with Stone Veneer Pillars and Steps

Just like the right makeup can highlight a certain part of a face, stone veneer can do the same for a home that needs some TLC. When homeowners are not sure how to best update a Sussex County, NJ, home, you can suggest stone veneer for boosting their front-yard curb appeal.

Stone Veneer Patterns

For homes with existing stone pillars and steps, veneer can transform the appearance of dated, cracking, or plain unattractive front yard structures. Homeowners can opt for a similar pattern to what they already have or choose an entirely new one for an aesthetic that looks close to the real thing.

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A stacked stone pattern can accent most any home, but it is especially beautiful with a traditional architectural façade. A river stone pattern is versatile and can bring new life to a more rustic home that blends with the elements. Rectangular stone veneer can update a contemporary house by blending the geometric, angular elements of the exterior with the geometric elements of the stone veneer.

Stone Veneer Colors

Matching the colors of stone veneer to other external paint colors can be the easiest decision of all. Because stone veneer is consistently colored, it is more uniform for installation. There is no stress of fitting pieces together like natural stone since it is manufactured to maintain a uniform color throughout.

Stone Veneer Installation

Able to be installed over an existing surface, stone veneer can be applied over wood, cement, or rock. It is flexible enough to accommodate curves and rounded pillars. Awkward angles do not present a problem for stone veneer because it comes in sheets that can be cut to fit tricky areas. It can be applied over existing steps to cover cracks and cement that has shifted to become uneven and potentially dangerous to guests.

Stone Veneer Cost

While nothing can completely replace the charm of true natural stone, stone veneer can certainly achieve an authentic look for your client’s Sussex County, NJ, at a fraction of the cost. This gives you flexibility in pleasing clients who love the look of stone but must keep renovation or construction costs down. It is not as heavy as natural stone, so it costs less to transport. Since it is not nearly as weighty, installation costs tend to be lower because it does not require additional supports.

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Stone Veneer Care

Add Character to Your Sussex County, NJ, Front Yard Projects with Stone Veneer Pillars and Steps

Stone veneer does not fade in the hot sun or crack in the cold winter. Composed of hard material, stone veneer is durable and resists damage from the elements and from bumps or shocks. Once installed, veneer should remain beautiful for years to come.

Suggesting that your Sussex County, NJ, clients consider choosing stone veneer to update existing pillars and steps to bring a fresh, affordable appearance to their home is a great choice. Many homeowners struggle to envision ways to modernize their homes, and stone veneer can completely alter the front-yard curb appeal. Instead of ignoring the needed repairs for pillars and steps, encourage them to think about how much satisfaction it will bring—they can imagine driving up their home with gorgeous, eye-catching stone veneer where there used to be boring, outdated structures.