Create a Perfect Pathway with Materials from Our Stone Supply in the Bergen County, NJ, Area

A beautiful landscape could finally feel complete once a pathway that fits with the home’s design is put in place. With the right materials from our stone supply, one of the following pathway styles could bring a Bergen County, NJ, home project to its fullest potential.


If your next home project involves new construction or has a more contemporary style, your perfect pathway could come together with modern-look materials that highlight the beauty of your landscape.

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Pick a material with a smoother finish and clean-cut appearance that creates definition and finished detail. Unilock Hollandstone could be the perfect choice as a durable material that will create a modern-looking pathway bordered by grass or gorgeous plantings. Choose Hollandstone in Sierra for a mixed palette of neutral colors, or in Charcoal for a solid gray hue. For something with more geometric design, go with City Park Paver, a fitting paver for creating stunning modern pathways. Its hexagonal shape adds flair to any pathway.


If you’re looking for a more traditional material to match the rest of a home’s appearance, look no further than Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone. This diverse material brings the classic look of stone with all the strength and style of a modern paver. The sharp lines combined with soft colors and interesting textures lead to a traditional aesthetic and an elegant pathway. It’s available in a variety of colors, like Bavarian for earthy tones or Steel Mountain if you’re looking for a true stone feel. If you’d like to go for a more natural feel, nothing beats Unilock Limestone: Its deep, gray color coupled with its unmatched durability makes it fitting for a prominent pathway. Available in different shapes and sizes, you can customize Limestone to make your pathway fit the desired look.


Create a Perfect Pathway with Materials from Our Stone Supply in the Bergen County, NJ, Area

Landscapes with a historical feel need pathways that match their timeless beauty. An obvious choice for a more historical feel is Unilock Courtstone, reminiscent of old London streets. Despite its beautiful, antiqued look, Courtstone is one of the strongest materials on the market as part of the Enduracolor Plus Architectural Finishes line. Available in deep, dark Basalt or the lighter Pebble Taupe color, among others, you can’t go wrong with Courtstone for a historic looking pathway. Another option is Unilock Cassova, whose appearance can be likened almost to a textured brick. One great feature of Cassova is that it can be laid in a variety of patterns, like herringbone. It’s also available in three great colors to complete your historic look.

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Stepping Stone

A stepping stone pathway is a unique way for nature lovers to have the best of both worlds. Unilock Sandstone is a great material for this type of pathway, as it’s straight from nature and completes the look. With its wide variety of different shapes, a stepping stone pathway is totally customizable. You can choose sandstone planks, especially beautiful for curved pathways, or just go with classic square units. A stepping stone pathway is especially beautiful when complemented by a water feature, pond, or even a small stream.

Image courtesy of Unilock.