Benefits of Getting All of Your Landscape Supplies at a Wholesale Nursery in Sussex County, NJ

Benefits of Getting All of Your Landscape Supplies at a Wholesale Nursery in Sussex County, NJ

When you’re making a dinner, you want to go to the best store for the ingredients and you want convenience. The same is true for planning a landscape project for your clients—you need access to a wholesale nursery convenient to Sussex County, NJ, with a seemingly endless plant selection in one place that provides you with both quality products and convenience.

Natural Stone, Pavers, and Retaining Wall Components

Whether your next landscape design project involves a retaining wall or a driveway resurfacing, you need a wholesale nursery that has a strong selection of stone supplies. With the largest collection of concrete pavers and the highest quality materials for any project, E.P. Jansen Nursery provides you with the ability to see the stones before you buy them. There are colors, shapes, and pattern possibilities for every preference and budget. Knowledgeable staff can assist you as you choose just the right materials for each client.

Outdoor Kitchens

With a range from high end to affordable, you will find pizza ovens, state-of-the-art grills, wine coolers, and any other appliance needed for an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be elaborate or basic, and either option can be dazzling when you have access to quality supplies.

The primary objective for any outdoor kitchen is a functional, yet gorgeous space. With countertops in all types of unique stone to materials for dining tables and bars, all of the materials available will withstand local weather conditions for homeowners’ long-term enjoyment.

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Outdoor Fire Features

A fire pit or fireplace can transform an ordinary backyard into a destination. Residents across generations love to gather by the fire and warm up on a chilly evening, grilling marshmallows for dessert. Masonry experts can help you choose the fire feature that will bring the most fun and relaxation to a specific landscape, no matter the size.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has two functions, to increase security and to extend the use of the outdoor living spaces after dark. There are spotlights for extra focus on landscape features, low-level lights for walkways, or architectural lights for highlighting stone columns or a dramatic entryway.

Landscape lighting is the one landscape design attribute that can truly transform a home after the sun sets, and having an entire selection of light fixtures, transformers, and lighting parts in one place makes the design easier for you. With timers, sensors, and technology that can manage the lights, illuminating the landscape in an efficient manner is made possible.

Bulk Supplies and Tools

Spending the day running from place to place for bulk gravel or shovels or chisels can chew up time that could be used for progress on multiple projects. The convenience of having concrete mixes, veneer mortars, and supplies for edging means that you are on the jobsite when you need to be.

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Extensive Plant Selection

Whether you are looking for annuals or perennial flowers, rare specimen trees, or evergreen shrubs, there are acres and acres of hand-picked selections for finishing any hardscape or landscape project for year-round perfection. Because a wholesale nursery is able to buy in bulk, they can pass on those savings to you.