How to Select the Proper Paving Stones for Your Pool Deck in Sussex County, NJ

Unlike outdoor furniture and decor that you could easily switch out when your preferences change, pavers are built to last—new installed paving stones will surely become a permanent part of your landscape design. This makes careful selection a must. Your patio flooring or pool deck needs to suit your Sussex County, NJ, home yet be versatile enough to accommodate any changes that occurs around it. Read on for pointers that may help you select the perfect paving stones for your pool deck.

Look for Durable Pavers

Investing in a spectacular paver selection is futile should it become cracked or faded within a couple of years. Seek out pavers that guarantee decades of exceptional color and compressive strength instead.

Many Unilock paving stones are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology, which grant them up to four times the strength of regular poured concrete. These pavers aren’t likely to crack under the pressure of frequent foot traffic and slight geological disturbances. In fact, opting for an interlocking arrangement of small pavers can bring about further resilience by maximizing the number of joints breaking up the concrete surface. To visualize the crack-resistance that joints can grant a pool deck or patio, consider how a solid sheet of metal and chainmail differ in flexibility.

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Unilock also incorporates EnduraColor Facemix technology into the manufacturing process of most concrete pavers. This innovative technology gives each paver a powerful foundation concealed by a concentrated layer of wear-resistant color aggregates. Their multi-layered and reinforced pigmenting makes Unilock EnduraColor pavers highly resistant to fading, improving their longevity.

Be Practical

How to Select the Proper Paving Stones for Your Pool Deck in Sussex County, NJ

Every element of your hardscape should be designed with safety in mind. An unfortunate accident can put a swift end to any pool party or barbeque and leave you with a ton of guilt. Your pool deck is likely to become soaked once the kids have made a few cannonballs. It will also see its fair share of spills and messes.

You should, therefore, opt for non-slip pavers that are easy to clean. Slip-resistant pavers don’t have to be embossed or heavily textured to achieve their goal. In fact, Umbriano pavers offered by Unilock merge an impeccably smooth surface with reliable slip-resistance qualities and are perfectly suited to contemporary hardscape designs. Keeping your family safe does not have to lead to a compromised design, after all. Artline pavers are also good candidates for modern hardscapes and are fortified with EasyClean Stain Resistance, which makes spills easier to mop up and prevents staining.

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Concrete pavers are generally rather effortless to maintain. They require regular sweeping, a rinse now and then, and occasional touch-ups to their sealer. Due to their unbeatable durability, they don’t demand regular repairs or replacement.

Think About Your Aesthetic

Your pool deck should merge seamlessly with your home and hardscape so that the property looks well put together when surveyed in its entirety. Finding pavers that complement and enhance your existing landscape will take a fair amount of thought, so be sure to explore your options with your landscape expert. Unilock offers both sleek pavers for modern homes and weathered, tumbled pavers for more rustic hardscapes. You should also be certain that your paver selection will not become dated and is versatile enough to facilitate any changes you implement to the rest of the backyard.

Image courtesy of Unilock.