Creating a Permanent Seat Wall? Consider These Materials from Our Masonry Supply in the Bergen County, NJ Area

Designing a permanent seat wall for your clients’ new or existing landscape in Bergen County, NJ  an provide numerous benefits and aesthetic appeal. Ensure you’re installing a high-quality, durable, and beautifully modeled permanent seat wall by choosing one of our many reliable and sophisticated concrete building materials or natural stone options.

Natural stone slabs and blocks are unique, from piece to piece, unlike pre-manufactured materials. With a variety of options, understanding the nature of each stone can be a great starting point in determining what products will work best for you. Our expert and knowledgeable staff can help you to determine the best products for you to offer to your clients and which may be most suitable for their needs and their vision of their landscape.


Bluestone is a popular natural stone that can pick up on the earthy colors of almost any natural environment. This may be an ideal choice for permanent seat walls that surround patios or pool sides because of their versatile, cool color scheme and smooth feel.


Limestone may be a suitable choice if the focus of the seat wall also includes a luxurious feel and comfort. Limestone comes in a range of tones, predominantly gray, and can serve as a neutral choice that is ideal for a wide variety of color schemes and layouts.


This natural stone is another popular choice among homeowners and landscape designers seeking to add natural and irregular patterns to their landscape design. Flagstone is both classic and unique, making it a highly sought-after material for the design of pool decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens, all which may include permanent seat walls.


Fieldstone is another option that allows for an overall natural look while still remaining  sophisticated. The irregular sizes and textures of the stone radiate a natural feel but can also come together to create an organized and well-planned design for any landscape design’s needs, including permanent seat walls.

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Veneer Stone

Veneer stone offers convenient installation and stunning versatility. Veneer stone can be installed over plastered structures to give them the appearance of a natural stone feature. This is ideal for the creation of permanent seat walls, and allows for a wide range of shapes and styles of wall.

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Imported Granite

Granite is known for providing a clean, uniform, and visually appealing look. Clients who prefer an organized landscape with obvious lines and clear-cut borders may prefer the style that our imported granite can provide. This material also presents a level of natural sparkle to give the area a well-planned and well-kept appearance.

Belgium Block

Creating a Permanent Seat Wall? Consider These Materials from Our Masonry Supply in the Bergen County, NJ Area  

This natural stone could be a great option for a client who is searching for a balance between a natural appearance and an organized look. This stone has consistent and organized shape while not appearing overly perfected or manufactured. This is an excellent material for creating precise lines and obvious borders and can allow for eye-catching permanent seat walls.

Concrete Wall Units

Concrete wall units come in a simply massive range of different styles and designs and will accommodate virtually any landscape design theme. Select from a number of different manufacturers, including trusted brands such as Unilock. Concrete wall units offer precision, fitting flush together or interlocking to ensure maximum strength and durability. Comfortable concrete coping can also be added to the structure to ensure a smooth and attractive finish.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.