Get Your Mulches for Vegetable Gardens from Our Wholesale Nursery in the Sussex County, NJ, Area

Vegetables are one of the most important elements of a balanced diet. When clients desire vegetable gardens of their own, you want to provide the best service, attention, and of course, top quality products. Mulch is an integral part to maintaining vegetable gardens and can be found at our wholesale nursery in the Sussex County, NJ, area.

Why Mulch?

There are numerous reasons to make sure vegetable gardens are supplied with quality mulch. Weeds, for example, can crowd out more desirable plants and compete for nutrients. Organic mulch, like the high-quality kind we use, keeps nutrient content at levels that vegetable plantings need, while making sure that as little water as possible is lost. This means vegetables get what they require from the root, allowing them to grow healthy and strong. And doesn’t give weeds much of a chance to take over. You won’t have to worry about the mulch you provide causing toxins in the soil or for plants either, as organic mulch doesn’t contain any.

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Weeds and Disease Prevention

With mulch and regular maintenance, you can successfully prevent weed growth and minimize any damage they could cause to growing vegetables. The same can be said for diseases that affect topsoil and plants. At times, soil may contain organisms that promote disease—fungal diseases that can hit vegetable crops, for example. Mulch can help prevent such problems from spreading onto plants, thus ensuring that they’ll have continued good health.

More Mulch Perks

Get Your Mulches for Vegetable Gardens from Our Wholesale Nursery in the Sussex County, NJ, Area  

Aeration is also helpful for a healthy vegetable garden, and mulch can encourage this in a natural way. Worms are drawn to the mulch, and as they live and meander in the soil, their natural movements perforate it, allowing more air, nutrients, and water to penetrate to vegetables’ roots.

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Mulching also encourages moisture retention. This is necessary for vegetable gardens, as it basically leaves a nice supply of dissolved nutrients for the vegetables to absorb. Having a good balance of moisture in soil is important not just for vegetable gardens but softscapes on a whole. Add that to speeding up growth, and you have a winning combination of your chosen organic mulch from our bulk supply and topsoil that will be rich in nutrients and ideal for fostering a bountiful vegetable garden.

Mulches in Bulk

E.P. Jansen Nursery LLC takes pride in our commitment to offering high-quality products in bulk. Conscientious contractors seek out our mulch for its top quality. They turn to us for assistance on figuring out how much mulch they need for their projects, without having to worry that they’ll end up with too much or too little. Our staff is knowledgeable and efficient and will help you calculate your mulch needs based on your project details. You won’t have to be concerned about getting your mulch order to the job site either, as we deliver.