The Best Concrete Paving Stones for Modern Walkways in Hudson Valley, NY

Creating a modern and stylish walkway for Hudson Valley, NY, homes is a must to complement the upscale look your clients want for their home’s exterior. Finding the right paving stones is the key to this effort as they add polish to any project. Here we’ll talk about which paving stones are the best bet for creating an updated walkway. Unilock pavers are so versatile and high performance, and come in a variety of styles to fit the look you’re trying to achieve.

Contemporary Style

One of the first choices for a modern walkway is Senzo. The consistent finish of each unit creates a uniform, level surface that is nonslip, stain resistant, and high performance. Available in three versatile colors that will go nicely with any exterior finish, this paver is sure keep its sleek appearance and withstand any elements thrown at it, from snow and salt to rain and sun. This paver is also great for walkways with a lot of foot traffic. It comes in 8x16-inch units and can be laid in a variety of patterns.

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Historic Charm

For a modern walkway that retains the nostalgia of a historic brick path, look no further than Copthorne. This paver works well for new constructions built with natural beauty, and will provide a classic accent with a twist. Laid in a straight pattern, this paver can even be bordered with a different paver like Brussels Block for a defined look. One feature of Copthorne that sets it apart is its performance and quality, as it has four times the strength of poured concrete. Its standard brick size lends itself well to a herringbone pattern for interest and texture. For a very updated look, use Copthorne in Basalt, a strikingly bold charcoal gray that is sure to catch the eye.

Powerful Promenade

Promenade Plank Pavers are the latest in smart looking walkways with an updated aesthetic. This paver gives you so many options to play with for texture, size, and patterns. Because it comes in three different plank sizes, you can mix and match units to create a customized look that will be unique for each project, or just choose one size plank to achieve an updated look. You can choose pavers with a textured finish, like Il Campo, or choose pavers with a smooth finish like Umbriano. This specialty paver is produced on demand for each project, which means it’s the ultimate in customization.

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Smooth Stones

The Best Concrete Paving Stones for Modern Walkways in Hudson Valley, NY   

Beacon Hill Smooth is a great option for projects with a simple yet modern look. As the name implies, this paver has a smoother finish than most pavers. It comes in reserved color palettes that don’t dominate the appearance of the project but give it a relaxed feel. A random bundle pattern is available that incorporates small, medium, and large rectangles for visual variety. The new color for 2018 is Copper Ridge, a natural-looking paver with hues of clay-like reds and earthy browns that match nearly any exterior and blend well with grassy borders or mulch beds.

Using pavers to create walkways that complement any home is made easier when you know what style to look for. Modern walkways tend to have smoother finishes, geometric patterns, and uniform installation.  

Image courtesy of Unilock.