Achieve the Modern Garden Look With Our Wide Plant Nursery Offerings in Bergen County, NJ

When planning a modern landscape, your clients may want you to install an eclectic mix of plants that will thrive in the New Jersey climate. Your visit to a local plant nursery that offers a variety of options will help you create a contemporary landscape that is ideal for Bergen County, NJ.

The Simple Landscape 

Achieve the Modern Garden Look With Our Wide Plant Nursery Offerings in Bergen County, NJ

Many homeowners are opting for a simpler landscape, one that is just as beautiful as the traditional one but requires less daily work. They could be seeking something on a smaller scale or a landscaping plan that is just plain easier for their lifestyle. 

A simple landscape may have trees arranged in a row to create a living screen. The trees tend not to be varieties that grow large, but that still provide shade such as a dogwood tree or a Japanese red maple. Even fruit trees could have their place in a simple landscape.

This type of landscape plan makes heavy use of landscape stone mulch and even galvanized grid panels for privacy. These panels don’t rust and, when anchored beside a patio, are breathtaking when planted with climbing, flowering vines. 

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A simple landscape can be accented with large, shiny, colorful pots of blooming flowers placed in strategic spots around the backyard to draw the eye outward.  Dwarf varieties of shrubs such as boxwood or a topiary give a clean and fresh feeling to an ordered, modern landscape. These annuals can supplement the existing perennials such as anemone, bee balm, coral bells, and daylilies, which return year after year. 

The Sustainable Landscape

If your clients want a water-conservative landscape, consider using any of the varieties of ornamental grasses that present a wispy, ethereal look and can come in many colors and interesting textures. Little Bunny ornamental grass is a miniature version of the usual fountain grass, only in a size that is perfect for landscape beds. 

Maiden Grass is thick and has a dense appearance. Morning Light grass is known for its gorgeous plumes while Blue Oat grass has a soft blue tone. 

Perennial plants that thrive in the New Jersey climate include sedum with its tight flowers that attract bees to the landscape. Black-eyed Susan flowers return every year with their deep yellow flowers, as does the Montauk Daisy. Complemented by a sweeping groundcover, this type of landscape looks great even when it is hot and dry outside.

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The Monochromatic Landscape

You may find your clients prefer a monochromatic look to their landscape, through the use of differing hues of one color. A proven way to accomplish this urban look is to choose varying shades of green for the landscape. Small ornamental trees form the structure of a monochromatic landscape while the smaller plants add texture and contrast.

Yukka can evoke a southwestern feel with edges of pale yellow that almost glow in the sun. Hosta is a classic garden plant that comes in light green, dark green, blue, and even chartreuse. Succulents offer a variety of geometric shapes and textures, while ornamental grass could offer a variety of greens and stripes to add interest and color. 

You’re likely to find that a visit to your favorite plant nursery will result in the perfect mix of plants for your next landscape project, with varieties that match all of your clients’ style preferences.