What Is Stone Veneer and Some of the Ways It’s Used in Sussex County, NJ?

When you have clients who have seen stone veneer on a friend’s home and are interested in adding it to theirs, you should help them see the many ways it can be used in their Sussex County, NJ, landscape. With almost any stone veneer finish available at your local nursery and stone yard, this can be a perfect refresh for any home.

What Is Stone Veneer?

What Is Stone Veneer and Some of the Ways It’s Used in Sussex County, NJ?

Stone veneer is a faux stone that many times can’t be distinguished from real stone. Everyone loves the beauty of natural stone but real stone cannot be used in certain applications. Stone veneer is manmade stone-look panels that can be used in both interior and exterior applications to update the appearance of a home. It comes in lightweight panels that are easy to install and look quite real.

What Is Stone Veneer Made Of?

Composed of cement, lightweight aggregates, and pigment for color, stone veneer is designed to mimic the authentic beauty of virtually any type of natural stone, from stacked stone to cobblestone to river stone. Because of its lighter weight and ease of application, stone veneer costs less than real stone. 

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How Can Stone Veneer Be Used?

Stone veneer can be used to reface chimneys and fireplaces into any look a client wants. It can be ideal for freshening a dated chimney and fireplace, without the need to remove any portion of the structure. 

Because stone veneer does not absorb moisture, it can be perfect for using around a pool area or on the base of a hot tub to create some texture and visual interest. 

Stone veneer looks wonderful when applied to a wing of a home that would benefit from a natural stone look. When combined with landscape backlighting, this material looks as great after dark as it does in the daytime. And, because of its composition, stone veneer can be used on the upper portions of a home’s exterior or interior where stone normally cannot be used because of lack of support for the weight. 

Because stone veneer can be molded around curves, it is useful to cover round or square columns. With virtually undetectable joining, stone veneer looks like real, true stone.

It can be used around outdoor grills and fire features because it can withstand the hot temperatures that come with cooking food and a fire. 

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Does Stone Veneer Look Good?

Almost without exception, stone veneer looks exactly like real stone. Pair a lighter stone veneer with a dark paint color for a home exterior, and you will create an eye-catching look that could slow down traffic in front of your house. 

Using stone veneer in the place of contrasting paint on one wall of an interior room brings both an earthiness and visual weight to that room. This could be ideal for a large family room where your clients want to do something different that does not take up any room. A stone focal wall can be just what they are seeking. 

The addition of stone veneer to an indoor or outdoor surface can update and reinforce a dramatic change in appearance for any home, but without the cost of natural stone. As a trusted partner, your local landscape and stone supply store has the professionals you need to help you put together the perfect look for your clients.