8 Varieties of Natural Stone Selection From Your Bergen County, NJ, Stone Wholesalers

When a Bergen County, NJ, project calls for something that is exceptionally unique, natural stone could be the answer. As stone wholesalers, we offer a full variety of natural stone options, providing you with endless combinations for your next walkway, driveway, or patio. Check out these eight varieties before finalizing the materials you’ll be using on the hardscape project.


8 Varieties of Natural Stone Selection From Your Bergen County, NJ, Stone Wholesalers

Bluestone is a classic stone that is ideal for patios, walkways, and entries. With a blue-gray cast, Bluestone complements most any architecture and exterior paint colors. It can come in smooth geometric shapes like squares or rectangles, or it can be left irregular to create a puzzle piece pattern.

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In hues of blue, tan, and pale pink, limestone is an excellent stone for patios and pool decks as it resists heat and stays cool despite the harsh sun. It is durable and can provide a rough or smooth surface texture.


Because it is a thin, flat stone that comes in large pieces, flagstone has a wide variety of uses, from individual stones in a walking path to patios and porches. Durable, affordable, and low maintenance, flagstone comes in an array of colors influenced by the area of where it was quarried.

Vermont Slate

Often used for roofing, Vermont Slate is some of the highest quality slate available. Quarried, milled, and then trimmed, Vermont Slate is the essence of a quality natural stone. This superior natural stone could be just the perfect choice for your next outdoor flooring project.

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Belgium Block

Blocks made of solid granite and cut into cobblestones, these stones are ideal for paving driveways and walkways because of their hardness and strength. They can be used as edging for landscape beds and walkways, too, since their shape and weight make them a naturally attractive addition to landscape plans.

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is quickly growing in popularity for its ease of use and lowered cost. Stone veneer looks virtually identical to real natural stone, but can be installed over almost any surface. Unlike true stone pieces, stone veneer is moldable around curves and uneven surfaces, and can be used in higher elevations of exteriors to give an authentic stone appearance. It comes in panels and can be joined in a seam that is not easily visible. With virtually unlimited applications such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, home exteriors, and many interior uses, stone veneer offers versatility for any project.

Landscape Boulders

While landscape boulders are extremely heavy, they can pack a real punch in a landscape design. They bring a true earthiness and weight to the appearance, with an unmatched scale. Whether it is one huge boulder or an arrangement of smaller ones, landscape boulders are a striking addition to a natural bed of trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Natural Granite

Granite is a hard natural stone that is classic in the way of flagstone, and can serve a variety of purposes. Used for stairs, driveways, and retaining walls, granite will never go out of style or lose its luster. Because it withstands heat well, granite is perfect for fire features such as fire pits and fireplaces.