How to Spruce Up Your Sussex County, NJ, Landscape with Flagstone from Our Stone Supply

You can never go wrong with the natural color mix of bright, warm, earthy colors, or the wide palette of grays and greens offered by flagstone, no matter how challenging or unique your landscape project is. To ensure you are getting quality flagstone for your Sussex County, NJ, home, check out our extensive stone supply. In addition to our flagstone collection, we offer a wealth of knowledge for helping you make an informed decision.

Choose the Right Type of Flagstone

In our stone supply, you’ll find lots of different types of flagstone, from thick slabs used to create stunning natural stone walls, to large, flat patio flagstone, at reasonable prices. If you don’t have a clear vision about your project, our team can help you choose a color, as well as advise on the size and types of flagstone that will best complement your landscape. Flagstone is a durable natural stone that offers various landscape and decorative purposes. It showcases a rough, authentic texture and a broad color palette, which make it suitable for a variety of projects, including walkways, patios, fire and water features, and driveways.

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How to Spruce Up Your Sussex County, NJ, Landscape with Flagstone from Our Stone Supply

Set the Tone with a Flagstone Patio

If you want to bring an all-natural look to your landscape, a flagstone patio could be a fitting addition. An experienced landscape contractor will take advantage of the exquisite quality and durability of this natural stone, to create a classic patio that makes your yard look like it's part of nature. Flagstone, especially if laid in a blend of different colors, creates a landscape piece that sets the tone for the rest of the decorative materials to follow.

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Add Structure with an Attractive Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is an ideal addition if your property is on a slope. Creating more distinct levels in your landscape will add uniqueness and structure to your front or backyard. Regardless if you want to do some artistic terracing or beautify the slope with a wall, flagstone could be the perfect choice for your landscape. Use the decorative qualities of this natural stone to add an eye-catching garden wall that extends from one side of the landscape to the other. Walls are stunning ornaments, but they should also be constructed according to specified guidelines and most importantly, using quality stone.

Durability with Flagstone Steps and Walkways

Very few landscape elements can top the elegance and mystery offered by walkways and steps. Your flagstone walkway can be as narrow or wide as you want and arranged in an interesting pattern, in a linear fashion or a breathtaking mosaic pattern. A walkway that guides your visitors to your home carries an important role, so it should accurately represent your taste. Lead your visitors on a short but memorable walk around your beautiful garden that connects the inside and outside of your house, with a stylish arrangement of flagstone steps.

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Flagstone Fireplace as a Focal Point

Every landscape should have a robust, durable, and beautiful focal point that ties in with the picture-perfect scenery. A flagstone fireplace will quickly become the favorite part of your outdoor living space. Host your gatherings around your outdoor fireplace all year round, and you’ll be surprised how even after many visits, people still naturally gravitate toward this gorgeous centerpiece.