Get these Essential Tools for Your Masonry and Hardscape Projects from Our Landscape Supply in the Sussex County, NJ, Area

Establishing yourself as a quality landscape contractor in the Sussex County, NJ, area can be quite the challenge—and it all starts with having the right tools on hand. For hardscaping and masonry work, in particular, having the right tools is critical for providing the kind of quality your clients expect and the level of craftsmanship you’ve worked so hard to refine. Take a look at our landscape supply for the basic tools you need as you’re starting out along with tools you’ll want to invest in as your business grows.


Mortar is an essential ingredient of quality masonry, making trowels an equally necessary part of any mason’s arsenal. Invest in trowels of a few different sizes to maximize your efficiency. Larger, 9-inch to 12-inch trowels are excellent for applying and spreading out mortar while smaller 4-inch to 7-inch trowels offer the finesse needed for scraping off excess mortar or applying small quantities for repairing sections.

Mason’s Hammer

As the name suggests, a mason’s hammer is specifically adapted for use in hardscaping. One end of the hammer in a traditional blunt face while the other end is shaped as a small chisel. This hammer is often used in splitting bricks. The chisel end can be used to weaken the brick along a line followed by the blunt end to apply a sharper blow to make a clean cut.

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Blocking Chisel

When the job entails a lot of splitting of materials, a quality blocking chisel is the way to go. Often made of strong steel, the chisel has a wide, sharp edge that makes it much easier to split bricks. It is possible to split a brick in just one blow with practice and the right hammer and blocking chisel combination.

Mashing Hammer

Speaking of the right hammer, the mashing hammer is the ideal counterpart for a blocking chisel. Generally much heavier and durable than a traditional mason’s hammer, this type of hammer features two blunt ends that make it possible to apply the necessary force to split a brick in one blow.

Power Saw

Get these Essential Tools for Your Masonry and Hardscape Projects from Our Landscape Supply in the Sussex County, NJ, Area

While hand tools have their place, power tools can make a job much quicker and easier. A power saw can be ideal for cutting through tough materials such as brick and stone blocks cleanly and quickly. Power saws come especially in handy when creating walkways and pathways with intricate patterns that require a lot of cutting and shaping.

Angle Grinder

Much like a saw, the angle grinder is a far more versatile tool. The sharp, albeit generally smaller blade, can be used for cutting blocks and bricks. Moreover, it can also be used for shaping and smoothing out surfaces.

Plate Compactor

For creating quality walkways and pathways, a plate compactor is a necessary component. Especially for large projects, using a hand tamper could be impractical. With a vibrating plate compactor, you can take your time and ensure that the underlying soil and pavers will be secure.

Mini Excavator

If a large chunk of your hardscaping jobs involves installing walkways, pathways, large walls, and pools, investing in a mini excavator can rapidly boost your efficiency. Excavators are versatile tools that support a variety of attachments. Excavation buckets can rapidly remove large volumes of dirt from the site while cutting ends can help break down rocks uncovered during excavation.