How a Masonry Supply Can Help You Select the Stone Base for Your Next Masonry Project in Sussex County, NJ

Every great hardscape project starts with a proper foundation. It needs to be strong, level, and sufficient to handle the masonry project you intend to construct. If not, problems such as cracking, shifting, and bowing can occur. A stone base will provide durability and high compressive strength for the support of your masonry project. When it comes time to selecting the base for your next design build masonry project, it’s in your best interest to turn to the experts for help. Here is how a masonry supply company can help you select the stone base for your next Sussex County, NJ, masonry project.

The Masonry Project

How a Masonry Supply Can Help You Select the Stone Base for Your Next Masonry Project in Sussex County, NJ

The type of masonry project you tackle next on your list will be a major factor in choosing what stone base will be used, but it most certainly isn’t the only factor. Environmental conditions, topography, regulations, and permitting could be other considerations when selecting your stone base. By working with a team of professionals that know the ins and outs of the local industry codes, environmental impacts, and regulations, as well as the material that will be used in the design of your masonry project, you can ensure that you are getting the best foundation possible.

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The Stone Base

Each base material is going to have its own unique features that will work best for certain masonry designs and within specific local environments. For example, some stone base is recommended for areas where drainage is an issue while other stone bases work better for foundations for roadways and high traffic areas. Additionally, some stone base can be used as a stand alone component, and others function best in conjunction with other base materials. A masonry expert will be able to guide you in choosing the optimal stone base to ensure the integrity of your project.

How Much?

Masonry contractors will have the knowledge and experience to help you calculate the amount of base material you will need to avoid over-purchasing or under-purchasing so that you can avoid any scheduling delays or over-budget costs.

Masonry Supply Stock

Having the materials in stock and readily available is another benefit to turning to a masonry supply company for your stone base material needs. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that your material will be available at the time you need it and not a second later. After all, not every construction project stays on schedule. Unexpected circumstances often arise that can take a hardscape project off schedule. Knowing that your base material is ready when you are, prevents having to provide on-site storage, or even worse, wait for the material to arrive.

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Delivery Options

Masonry supply companies can also offer bulk delivery, so there is no job too large. Locating the stone base you need for your next masonry project can be a challenge on its own; however, getting it delivered can pose another obstacle. 

Turn to masonry supply experts who address any delivery concerns, get the product to you on time, or set it aside for pickup when you are ready to haul it away. While a big landscaping project is between you and your client, it can give you confidence and peace of mind to know you have someone to turn to for proper calculations and questions.