Building a Boulder Retaining Wall? Visit Our Landscape Supply

As a landscape contractor, you already know a boulder retaining wall is a special type of wall that serves a double purpose: the first one is to support itself and the second one is to hold back pressure from the soil behind it. Some important things go into building a boulder retaining wall in Sullivan County, NY, such as the quality of the materials and the installation techniques. Let’s take a look at why you’ll want to visit our landscape supply for boulder wall materials.

Beyond Aesthetics

Boulders are a popular retaining wall material among homeowners, which is pretty understandable since they offer a more natural look that instantly blends with the rest of the hardscape and greenery. Although the aesthetics of the boulder wall and the masonry work are relevant, having quality boulders that can endure all the pressure put on them can make or break your project.

To be sure, boulders need to stand the test of time and offer natural protection to the landscape. The only way to ensure the boulder is an effective soil holder is to make sure you are getting quality materials that can adequately support the soil. There is no doubt that your masonry skills are impeccable, but if the materials are not strong enough to prevent damage caused by soil erosion, your reputation will be on the line. Make sure you are getting what you have promised to your clients by visiting our landscape supply.

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Build in Style

Building a Boulder Retaining Wall in Sullivan, NY? Visit Our Landscape Supply

Although the quality of the stone should be your priority, the retaining wall should also be built in style. Boulder walls can be used for many purposes in the landscape, but when they are used to create a retaining wall, the wall tends to stand out from other features. This is due to the bulkiness of these stones, so it is essential to not only be creative with the design of the wall but to choose a great selection of stones.

The overall design and color scheme can help to highlight the architecture of the house rather than take away from it, and it should also complement the surrounding landscape elements. Boulder retaining walls do tend to attract attention because of their natural, bold, and authentic appearance.

Have Options

At E.P. Jansen Nursery, we have the biggest and best selection of stones in the Orange County and North Jersey region. Regardless of what time you visit, you are going to find a massive inventory of hardscape products to choose from. Our experienced staff can help you decide which stone is the most suitable for your project. We offer boulders and other natural stone options in different sizes, shapes, and textures.

Combine beauty and strength with limestone. This durable natural stone could be the perfect choice for your boulder retaining wall, as it can easily withstand harsh environmental conditions. Another attractive option for boulder retaining walls is fieldstone. As a dense material that presents rigged aesthetics, fieldstone can be stacked into a highly detailed wall. At our stone supply, you will find a unique selection of stones that can be dry-stacked or fixed with mortar. Our stone supply offers stone inventory with specific and hard-to-find items in one place.