4 Reasons to Use Bluestone for a Ulster County, NY, Front Walkway

A new walkway brings a functional and defined area for traversing, and can also add beauty, charm, and curb appeal to the front of an Ulster County, NY, property. Selecting the right materials for the front walkway is where the challenge arises. There are many options available and trying to decipher the pros and cons of each can be overwhelming. Bluestone or bluestone-like pavers are popular choices for outdoor walkway areas, and for gopavod reason. Bluestone can help you create a walkway that is going to last for years to come, that has style and pizazz, and most importantly provides a safe place to walk upon.

Locally Sourced

4 Reasons to Use Bluestone for a Ulster County, NY, Front Walkway

Using natural bluestone means that you are sourcing materials from right here in the United States, not only potentially saving on shipping and import costs, but supporting the local communities. This also means that you are incorporating our native elements into your hardscape design. Bluestone has been excavated here in the United States, specifically New York, for decades. No matter a homeowner’s unique personal style, bluestone will not disappoint.

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Bluestone is inherently adaptable to changing climates. This makes it an ideal choice for any outdoor area, but this is especially true here with the frigid winter season. It is capable of withstanding freeze-thaw conditions and durable enough to hold up against the ever-changing seasonal elements. You can use bluestone in areas where there will be direct sunlight, moisture, snow fall, ice, and wind. There really is no worry abut placement when it comes to using bluestone. Additionally, the ability to absorb routine impact without deterioration is another reason that bluestone is a great choice for outdoor walkways. Its hardiness makes it stand up well against everyday use and foot traffic. A bluestone walkway is an investment that will continue to give back for years to come.

Design Capability

Bluestone, despite the name, comes in a variety of hues and colors. In addition to the array of earthy shades of blues, grays, tans, and rust that bluestone delivers, It can also be cut into very defined and precise pieces or can be left in a more irregular natural state. For these reasons, bluestone is a popular choice for design purposes. Bluestone adds sophistication and makes a statement in contemporary and industrial type decors by pairing the same color hues together and using straight linear cuts. By doing so, you create a uniform, clean, and formal landscape. You can also craft a natural and rustic walkway that is both a focal point and functional. This can be accomplished by mapping out the area and using differing sizes and shaped pieces of bluestone keeping a less formal approach. The natural shades and textures also allows bluestone to be able to be matched well with other crude materials within a landscape.

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Bluestone’s are natural textures make this material slip resistant. This is an extremely important consideration when selecting hardscape materials for walkway areas. Safety is always at the forefront during the design stage of hardscape design. If you can create a beautifully crafted walkway that not only makes a statement and brings character to your landscape design, but also provides a slip-resistant walking surface, your work will stand out in any neighborhood.